The Newest Song From "GIVEN" Really Got Me Emotional... T_T

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I was checking out some YouTube videos a while ago when I stumbled upon Blue Lynx's post about the newest song performed in the animated film "GIVEN" which was released in Japan just recently. I haven't watched the movie yet, but I am a huge fan of the series and manga.

BLUE LYNX is a Japanese anime label which focuses on producing BL films. When they were launched last year, I decided to follow their YouTube account because I wanted to update myself with the latest BL movies or series that are to be released since it's one of my favorite genres.


Here's the promotional video they released a few days ago... and when I listened to it the first time, I felt a certain warmth in my heart. I don't understand every lyric of the song, but I understood parts and pieces of it. The song in the PV isn't the whole song, so I searched the song title 夜が明ける or Yoru ga akeru full version with lyrics and English translation. And here's the lyric video of the said song.


As I listened to the whole song, I became pretty emotional. I was thinking about the previous song they released in the series which was full of heartache and regret, but somehow this new song is a song of moving on.

However, there is a certain part in the song which really made me teary-eyed and I just felt my chest squeezing as the emotion flooded in.

Even if you're not here, I can keep on living but even if I am not loved, I still miss you

If you have watched the series, you will understand the gravity of this line. I remember creating a poem immediately after watching the series. let me share it here below.

GIVEN (original poetry)

That was me when you left
When I realized you're never coming back
That what we had will just be memories
Memories that will slowly fade as the world continues to turn
Could no longer feel anything
No laughters... not even tears
Everything was just numb... everything seems bleak
You're no longer by my side
You went on on your own and left me alone
A feeling embracing me to my core
I couldn't sleep... it's hard to breathe
I just wanna runaway and scream
But even if I did... it wouldn't bring you back
It has turned into fear
A painful feeling that crushes my being
My heart bleeds... I'm in the verge of falling irrevocably
I can feel my blood flow slowly halting
The word I couldn't say
I regretted that..
If only I could bring back time, so I could tell you properly
That I loved you with all of me
That your existence mattered
That you're one of a kind, priceless
That's what I'm supposed to work on
To accept that you're no longer here, but will forever stay
That the tomorrows I'll be experiencing will be different
And that you want me to live on for both of us
Your dreams, I'll carry with me
You might not be here anymore...
But one day, someday, I will be where you are


Perhaps through this poem, you can somehow picture out what the anime is about. I really want to see the movie badly although the focus this time is not the main couple, but I am really curious about the bassist and the drummer's story. Although I read the manga, their relationship wasn't clearly explained, so I really want to watch the movie as soon as I get the chance. :)


I have not seen the anime but my sister has told me a lot about it, I have wanted to see it together in the movie but I am already with others on the uwu list.

I listened to the song while reading the post and since I listened to Boku Dake's ending I didn't feel so much feeling listening to a song:, I almost cried and the lyrics are exciting that it makes you cry but how emotionally haha ​​I don't even know how to explain it.

Thanks for sharing about Given songs and using our tag,

It's a really emotional and good anime. Even if it's BL, the story is so touching... I'm glad you liked the song... :) I'll be usingvyour tag for anime-related stuff... Thank you! 🥰😊