Tokyo Ghoul Review - Try Not To Be Eaten

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Illustrated by Sui Ishida and produced by Pierrot Studio, the wonderful work Tokyo ghoul shows us both internal conflict and external conflict.
The inevitability of reaching and eternal need in 12 episodes of the most wonderful thing that appeared for us the first part, we all enjoy it.
So that the anime work remains at its best times and Japan remains on the throne of anime with high-quality fun that it offers us every period.

The series is based entirely on the conflict between humans and ghouls, but on the other hand, we have many internal conflicts and enjoyable philosophical dialogues, which makes the series suitable for all viewers who love conflict and fighting and love philosophy and drama.


The story

The story takes place in Tokyo, which is divided into 20 provinces. We will live in the 20th district, while we will have visits to other provinces.
If we know the place, what is the problem?
The problem is the trolls are cannibals who spoil everything in the city and plunder, and no one can over them. The trolls feed on human flesh with all their greed.
And the biggest problem is not that, they have human shields and skin that is not bulletproof, or stabbed with knives, or penetration. It is very difficult. What will you do?
In those trolls that want to feed on you and cannot stop them.

In order to protect humanity from the devastation that befell it, the Japanese forces immediately created what is known as the CCG, a special human force with special capabilities.
To confront trolls who are interested in protecting people from trolls and developing lethal weapons capable of getting rid of them. The series will revolve around that point in the internal conflict
Between ghouls and each other and between humans on the other side.
Even here, things are going fairly normal until a shift in the story appears with the appearance of Ken Kaneki, a 19-year-old human who loves a girl named Rize.
And he goes out with her on a date, and the story was very romantic and nice, but what happened did not happen in one night after the beautiful date
Rize asked him to follow her in a dark place and suddenly our friend discovers that Rize is one of the most terrible and fierce ghouls.
Skirmishes take place between both of them, but fortunately some iron legs fall on her to kill her. A famous scientist takes parts of her body and transfers them to the boy who turns
After that, a super powerful mixture of ogres and humans, but very strong.

A new battle begins between man and ghoul inside our hero, Kaneki, who will succeed in controlling them?



The studio gave us a more than wonderful performance in a series full of wonderful colors and intense enthusiasm, although the series contains many blood scenes
Until the studio tried to keep as far as not to show the scattered human parts and so on.
Also, the cartooning will not be a big problem in watching these scenes.
The series also relied on the picturesque nature of weapons and combat, and although the sound and music were not up to the required level, they did not reach
Bad standard but good.
Dialogues were good between the hero and his friends in an attempt to find a solution to that great conflict that is going on within him.

In general, the series achieved great success in embodying the strong conflicts and fusion scenes, and filled us with enthusiasm.


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I would suggest properly spacing your paragraphs and avoiding typing out your posts centered like this.

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Ok, you got me because I am VERY FAN OF TOKYO GHOUL!! I read that manga twice (Ghoul and :re) and I really feel that they are gold.

I really like this post, that's why I'll give you several recommendations:

  • Don't center all the text, in my opinion it makes a little noise, and for more reading comfort it's better to justify.

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I love the rest, nothing better than putting your opinion to this kind of reviews to not only read about it but also what you thought of it.

A pleasure!

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