BIG NEWS! Come check out the Alien Honey Virtual Gallery in cryptovoxels! VRAF gallery hop with HiveMuse Collective happening this afternoon!

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This week there is a big online Crytpo art festival going on called VRAF (Virtual Rare Art Festival), it started on May 14 and is continuing until May 17th!

There are plenty of live streamed events discussing crypto art and lots of gallery spotlights! More info here:

The amazing people of the HiveMuse Collective were kind enough to include the Alien Honey virtual gallery in their gallery hop thats happening this afternoon at 3PM EST :)

Not long now until the HiveMuse Launch and Gallery Hop!

21:00 CEST,
12:00 PST

Starting at HiveMuse central building in #cryptovoxels

Listen to the event in the discord server:
(EVENT AUDIO' voice chat)

— HiveMuse Collective (@HiveMuseum) May 16, 2020

Screen Shot 20200516 at 12.41.08 PM.png

I suggest joining because it will be a really great way to check out a ton of amazing artists! If you aren't able to do the whole HOP you can come take a look at the gallery at this address:

Screen Shot 20200516 at 12.43.19 PM.png

There are currently two buildings featuring my art and a pop-up gallery of the amazing @georgeboya!

Screen Shot 20200516 at 12.43.48 PM.png

I hope to see you there and look forward to some fun plans we have for the gallery and the Alien Art Hive community 👽

>>>>>>>>>>>>>₳ⱠłɆ₦ ⱧØ₦ɆɎ<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Join the Alien Art Hive community and come get some Alien Honey!


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Very cool and beautiful!

Thank you Isa! I would love to have some of your beautiful music and videos displayed in there one day!

Thanks Julia that would be amazing! I don't really understand how you make this magic happen so if you get a chance then please let me know! ❤️

So cool!!! I am getting ready for my visit:)

Thank you for hosting my artworks Julia:)

My pleasure George!


hehe pretty cool huh?

Super cool, Julia! Multiple facegasms
is my favorite! Even the architecture
of your gallery is stylish & expressive!

Thanks, building the gallery itself is really fun and like making a piece of art, it's so meta haha

Wow wow and wow! This is amazing! Your virtual art gallery is so cool! I love the art, the music, the fact that you can hear your footsteps as you explore... The idea is just pure genius! Bravo!

Amazing work. Love it 😘😘

Thanks abdex!