The Alien Honey gallery is opening in 2 hours! [Promo-video] Join us in cryptovoxels for some audio-visual fun!

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ERMAGHERD, show is happening in 2 hours, WOOT!


Clicking that link will take you to the main entrance, there are galleries going to both the left and right!

Check out the promo video!

Also check out the promo on twitter, any shares would be appreciated!

Alien Honey opening show happening in 3 hours!

Join us in @cryptovoxels at 👽 and check out our 4 galleries packed with art and music, featuring @juliakponsford @rootdraws @GekoChekov @BoyaGeorge and @Vachemorte 🎉

— 👽 Alien Honey 👽 (@juliakponsford) May 29, 2020

If you need more information or just want to come chat during the event join the discord!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>₳ⱠłɆ₦ ⱧØ₦ɆɎ<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Join the Alien Art Hive community and come get some Alien Honey!


To follow on twitter, personal account, Alien Community account <3

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Fantastic experience