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This drawing has been lying unfinished on my hard disk for a while, but as I am in New Year resolution mood I have been taking these old work up again and are beginning to finish them (or discard them). All in all this is the 316th work I have put on my site as a Creative Commons attribute artwork.




High resolution file:


This work is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Attribute - Katharsisdrill
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This is a fabulous piece I must say. Is that a lady holding something like a skull or a man? Can't really figure out.

Thanks, mate! It is probably a man holding a tech devise of some sort. If you click the small image and then click on the image again on the website you will get the high resolution image so you can see for yourselæf.

Oh that's cool. That tech he's holding could make it to be tagged "Evolution".

I love the image of the person who looks as though offering up a sacrifice. Unique idea and it works well in black and white. What type of program did you utilize to accomplish this drawing, or is is hand drawn?

I make most of my work digitally using opens source tools. This one is made with the painting application, Krita.