Flatus Flute - Tuesday 5 Minute Freewrite

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Today’s Day 893: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: flute from @mariannewest instantly made me think of this. Something that EVERYONE needs to have on hand.... JUST in case. 🤣

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Something that you most likely have never heard of is this item. It is something that every self respecting person should really own a few of. They are handy as a gag, as a office gift, or secret Santa gift, they can be hung on a Christmas tree, In a doorway like mistletoe, given to a lover or the friend with benefits. I have yet to hear of a band made up of people using them but I feel like that could be an extraordinarily silly and smelly performance.

These were created from a joke that circulated on the Opie and Anthony show from Dr. Steve calling farts flatus. A couple of enterprising Canadians took it upon themselves to make them and they have been selling them for a few years now. While I have never been aware of anyone using one I do keep my ears peeled or tuned for the sound of the tune. While it may not sound exactly like a flute, especially due to the muffling of the fabric that generally covers it, it is a musical device.

To purchase go to Flatusflute.com and for $15 you will have one shipped to your door. Imagine all the fun you can have in your home making music with your butt!

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That is pretty funny!!!!

What useful information! I'll buy at least two each but only for my very best friends:)
It’s the promptest of prompt delivery teams here with the word for today:

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