Maynia -- Day Twenty -- Commenters win too!!

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Comment on our writers posts and you will get prizes too! Check out created/maynia!

Each week, I go through the writers posts and look for all commenters -- the more writers posts you comment on, the more Hive-SBI you get!

This week @owasco will match Hive-SBI shares for anyone who manages to usurp her place as Number One Fan!! Get commenting! 😁

Go-go-go writers!! 🏆


Writers! Remember to leave a comment with your daily wordcount!



⭐️ Today's Prompts ⭐️

Today's Maynia prompt: fragile

The Daily Freewrite prompt: protest

Remember, you can use the Maynia prompt or the Freewrite prompt or even both if you wish! The prompts are also optional. They're there to help further your story if you're stuck or seeking inspiration; also, a few people like challenging themselves to complete an entire story based on prompts. It's a fun exercise!!

Please leave your word-count for today in a comment on this post.
If you're going to write a post for Maynia, please use the following tag -- #Maynia
If you wrote a post today, feel free to leave a link to it here too!



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@kaelci I have a question and hope you know the answer since I did not work today, I wrote over 3000 words and did not want to post yet so I selected the save option which is to the left of publish, but now I do not know how to retrieve it. Do you know how I do this or someone reading this know?

Just had a quick look at your posts, and it looks as though you post using the PeakD interface?

If so, click on the little pencil symbol at the top of the screen next to the notifications:

And a dropdown will show up, then click on 'View Drafts'

Then you should see your draft there with this underneath it:

Just click on the Edit button and it should take you to where you saved!! :)

@kaelci Thank you, I found it. After I asked about it, my computer crashed and I have not been able to do any writing. I will post the one I lost and try my best to get caught up on the days I missed.

@kaelci I have lost this post and thanks to you I found it, then my computer crashed and now I am having problems with the keychain letting me post, this has been more than challenging but hopefully I can post now.

@kaelci I forgot to add the word count it is 3427