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The announcement was loud and clear, flight MH305 to the Philippines, boarding now. Lana literally did a skip and a jump; she was so excited. Mum gave her a hug and took a step back. It was time to give her little girl space to grow up. Just one year away from 18.

"Remember everything I told you. But most of all have fun darling. I love you so much, and I'm going to miss you."

"I will miss you too, Mum!!"

Lana gave her Mum the tightest hug and then skipped off to her friends. They hugged each other and jumped around. Their teacher and chaperone were already guiding them towards the gate. It was only 6 weeks ago when they had performed at the school talent show. Which then took them to the state level, then the national level and now they are off to the Philippines for the International level.

They had no choice but to be excellent. With the pandemic, stuck at home for months on end, they practised til perfect. It started out with them goofing on zoom and laughing at themselves. But as the lockdown went from 2 weeks to 4 weeks, then 6 and then forever, it became something to keep them sane.

Now that things are back to kind of normal with schools and businesses open, and borders, they were off to represent the nation in The Show Must Go On in the Philippines.

Mum, saw Lana's bear left on the chair. Ahhhh, she never left the bear, ever. It had slowly become an extension of Lana since the divorce. For a split second, Mum wondered if this could be a great way to wean her off that bear. Perhaps she should just take it home but what if her girl needed her security blanket bear...

Mum ran after her "Lana, your bear!!"

"Oh, thanks, Mum." Lana gave Mum another big hug and ran off, holding the bear dangling beside her. It looked like she was over the bear.

That was 3 weeks ago. Now Mum was calling lawyers and talking to embassies, trying to explain that Lana was not capable of trafficking drugs. That she had mistaken the bear to be Lana's, that when she had got home from the airport, Lana had been so excited, she had left her bear at home.

──── ⋆⋅❣️the end❣️⋅⋆ ────

Gahhh, another non-happy ending! I should work on the happy ones eh 🥴. This is my Freewrite for the prompt Bear. I am pretty sure there are some from the other Freewriters. I am going to go check it out at @MarianneWest's. Wanna come? Then click right HERE.

Thank you for dropping in and hanging out. Till next time, Carpe Diem❣️

PS: This is a work of fiction.


Oh no! I don't know whether to laugh or cry. That would be terrible. I could see this whole scene playing out before my eyes. It's a very clever premise, and the story is well-told. Love it!

And don't worry about happy endings. Many of the best stories punch us right in the gut at the end. 😄

Thank you Jayna
Coming from you, it is very encouraging ❤️


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Life is not all a happy ending. Thing happens, whether my accident or on purpose. Both sides need to be told. There's not shying away from reality. Thanks for sharing a story with this ending.

I suppose you are right... but if only :D
Thank you for the words of encouragement <33