#freewrite :: 5 minute freewrite - Prompt for Day 956: Why is it 10 o'clock?

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Sam looks at the clock - 9:16PM. Time seems to crawl on days like these. It was only 2 months ago that she agreed to accept this job offer as a global business analyst and already, she was hating it big time.

Almost every night, she was tasked to join conference calls that starts at 10 o'clock and would last for at least an hour. Some days, the calls would go on for 2 hours with what she thought as pointless discussions that did not give any result. She would much rather discuss through emails and have every conversation documented.

Sam has not been able to catch up on her sleep since her first call and her health has been badly affected by this. She is sleepy most of the time and she has been falling ill quite often. She also looks like a panda bear nowadays with very prominent dark eye circles.

"Why is it 10 o'clock?" Sam complains out loud. "Why not earlier, like 5 o'clock before I wrap up for the day? Why do I always have to follow their timezone and work longer hours than the rest? Why do they always need to have a conference call to discuss everything under the moon and sun and waste everyone's time?!"

Image by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

This is my entry to @mariannewest's freewrite for day 956.


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Things we do to pay bills.🤕
Hoping Sam finds something she loves doing.

Nice write up.

😅 Yah. I hope so too 🍀
Thank you for dropping by 😊

Well written @marblely, and sounds almost like it's your own experience, thanks for sharing, it's awesome.

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Thank you so much @thisisawesome! It was 😅

Thanks @marblely, stories from real life are usually the best, I hope that it will get better for you, stay awesome.

I hope so too. Thank you! Stay safe, stay well and stay awesome too :)


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