#freewrite :: Prompt for Day 1227: mixing colors

in Freewriters2 months ago

Colors are intriguing. Every color can be associated to an object in its natural form and can be represented by an emotion. When the eyes view them, the heart is moved a certain way that is sometimes inexplanable.

Colors can lift us up and it can do the exact opposite of bringing us down. We choose our colors through many things in our lives such as in the clothes and jewellery that we wear, our surroundings, our owned objects, our food and drinks.

Colors when mixed right, will look pleasing to the eyes. Some colors work well with some others while some can look odd which makes mixing colors an art, more than anything.

In art school, we are taught the color wheel. A wheel that helps show the relationship between different colors. Some colors work well with another color at the opposite end of the wheel or with its neighbouring color, for example, yellow works well with its opposite corner purple or perhaps with its neighbour green. But not everyone agrees with the wheel.

It is quite a wonder how each of us have our color preferences, how we are affected by them, and how our taste for color changes throughout our lives, although not everyone is fortunate to see colors.