I Like U

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A tourist enters coffee shop. A beautiful waitress comes.

Good afternoon. What can I help you?
I ordered a drink
Tea or coffee?
I like after tea.
Wait a minute

She went to the pantry.
When ready she served coffee.

Here's the coffee
I didn't order coffee.
You said you like after tea.
I said it but I don't order coffee.

She became embarrassed.

What do you mean?

Don't be angry. I give you a clue. Remember about the alphabet.
I like after tea.

She memorized the alphabet. Then she blushed.
Yes I like after tea. I like you


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hahahaha, ok I really did not see that coming
I am also embarrassed now - what?!! no one used that pick-up line on me hahaha

Glad to know that his story entertain you

Brilliant! Love it!