A Terror From The Other Side Part #6 - My final Maynia rough draft

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Well after two weeks being inactive and not feeling the writing, I only managed another 1000 words over the times I got little bits done. I wasn't pleased with myself but at least I have a solid story forming, with better quality than a quickly written heap of words to get lots out.

Now the big thing is knowing I at least have completed near 7,000 words of a new novel, instead of having nothing. This proves as a motivator to do like I have said previously and continue when Maynia is over with, so it won't go to waste and so it will help me grow the word count towards my goal of 75,000 words, plus my second completed novel (I will link my first from the Amazon site at the bottom in case anyone is interested in seeing where it started for me).

I hope you all have enjoyed reading The Terror From The Other Side with what I have shared so far and I always welcome all feedback on the story, my writing and everything!

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Rough draft #6

A Terror From The Other Side

Roger and Thelesa looked at one another and nodded, proceeding to help get them all and their supplies back to Amial’s place where it is safe. The group was growing well with these new additions, meaning that should both agree to help with searching in groups at those locations, it would be easier for protection plus fighting any creatures found.

After some time had passed, they got back to find a hole in the wall from the side the cemetery is on and a scream being let out inside the house. “Roger you and Amial go ahead and cautiously move around to see what is happening, Thelesa, stick with me so we can follow a little slower due to my leg” Lorek said before they split up to see what was going on.

Upon stepping in through the hole in the wall were two dead bodies of random people not from the group and further along the hallway was a trail of blood from a corner leading down another hallway. Around the corner were three more bodies with one being Niamat and the other corpses are another two random people.

“Thank goodness you have returned to help clean up and build some defence against future attacks” claimed Bruce. “We noticed people climbing the concrete wall surrounding the house and got into position. But they blew a hole in the wall and charged, shooting at us with machine guns so Heather got a bullet to the arm but it fine, but poor Niamat was not lucky.”

“We will find a suitable spot just near the outside of the wall to the property to bury him for fighting to protect us like you all did with those handguns and we will ensure we are better prepared for next time any bandits come to face us. Bruce, take the machineguns to store them safely plus anything else you find on the bodies” Eleanora said before taking Heather to fix her bullet wound.

Bruce came back with one of the guns with a spare clip to stand guard by patrolling the outside wall on the side with the hole in the house so people could get patched up, prepare and start to get the place in better shape.

Amial and Lorek had moved to the kitchen to cauterise his wound. “This is going to hurt a lot so you better drink this then put this cloth in your mouth” she said while cleaning then heating up a fat knife. Once it was hot enough, the knife was used to cauterise the wound, making Lorek grunt and be in immense pain due to the wounds size but it was over in no time and bandaged up. He had to be escorted to a seat in the lounge room where everybody else was resting and chatting to discuss how they can fortify their position.

Eleanora had been telling the others about gathering wood, metal and other supplies from the town’s hardware store off to the North of the house, which would be helpful in creating traps, fortifying key points and setting up a good defence while this place stays as the base of operation for all the work in clearing up the whole mess. She had experience from her younger days with helping her parents during a raid on her hometown and they fortified a warehouse.

“I agree that it is our best move and we should do it as soon as we are rested from that attack. My kids have taken a liking to you so they will be okay staying as long as others are around for added protection, and I will go on this run to be a better contributor outside of the house” Rose announced before hugging her children.

“Best to take the car then. It is not a pickup truck or anything but you can take rope for longer pieces of wood or metal to be tied to the roof, then use the boot and part of the back seat for nails, tools and all sorts you can fit in. So, take Bruce and Roger with you for anything heavy and be safe” Eleanora said.

Two more hours passed, with some coffee or tea and food consumed, before people were feeling more alive and ready to take the next steps.

Rose, Bruce, and Roger headed down to the garage with some weapons and basic medical supplies, all eager to get these materials to fortify the position. Eleanora showed the tools already in the garage and saw them off since she led them down there, before heading back into the house.

Once she was with the group, everyone headed outside to determine how to best add defences to the outside of the house. Everyone left is Lorek, Amial, Thelesa, Heather, Eleanora, and Roses’ two sons Ethan, and Andrew.

“We can setup some spikes along the concrete wall or something to stop anyone jumping over, we could dig holes on this side as booby traps all around. A few guard post platforms spread over the corners, with a three- or four-foot wall on the front and sides for protection, maybe pillars connecting a roof as well. They are a few things we can start on” Eleanora claimed while thinking about what else can be done.

“In the garage will be a chainsaw and some other tools if you are able to use it, Lorek. They are from my late husband Boris. You can cut down a tree then cut it into smaller bits so guard posts can be setup.”

He got to work right away, grabbing the chainsaw before finding a tree not too far from the concrete wall on one side of the house then cutting it down and into smaller pieces roughly a metre and a half long for the floor and another for the wall cover which left anything else to be cut into parts for the post legs and stairs.

While this was happening, Ethan and Andrew helped by carrying the pieces into the yard with Amial using the rifle and scouting around on that side, while Heather scouted the other side.

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You can find my first novel written years ago, after just deciding to write a novel, here:

The horror of Spring by James Chaffey

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