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Tribes for Hive have been confirmed by @eonwarped and are in progress. There is a short term solution available now which you can read about here.

I am going to wait a little while before jumping on-board as there are still some limitations. I also want to see more people posting content on Hive before I start indexing Hive posts for STEMGeeks, but that may change depending on how things develop.


From what I understand, Hive-Engine will require an airdrop for each token individually to move the balances over from Steem-Engine to Hive-Engine. I need to do some testing with my Air Drop tool to work out any potential issues using it on Hive.

Will also need to plan moving the state from Steem-Engine to Hive-Engine and make sure everything goes smoothly. I will likely develop a tool to do this and will be available for other Tribes interested in doing the same move over.

Will post when I have more details about that.

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That’s nice. I would love it when it happens.

Cool. Looking forward to the move. My bag not feeling quite so heavy now!

Cool. Good information.