Sydney , Australia the Land Down Under Part 3.

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I traveled to Sydney by car 3 days ago from my home town of Byron Bay , i normally do a trip to Sydney every now and then to take care of some business that , i have there and to visit my mum , i use to live in Sydney before till i decided to packed it up and get out of the big smoke. On arrival to Sydney even though it is winter here now the first day was warmish and sunny with a cool breeze which is normal for a winter day it's either that or it will rain for days not stop.

This was on my first day in Sydney about mid-morning on Bondi Beach going for a jog no one in site because people are still worried about covid-19 never seen Bondi Beach so deserted it was a joy to have the whole beach to myself.



I had planed after attending to my business and a few chores that i would spend some time walking my city of Sydney which i haven't done for a long time i knew of some new walkways that had been built along the Sydney Harbor shore lines but you wouldn't believe my luck on the first day in that afternoon it started raining and spoiled all my plans.


Our icon Center-Point Tower.



And it rained the whole of my 3 days that i was in Sydney which really annoyed me as i was in the right frame of mind to write about my beautiful city of Sydney so not be able to get out , i remember having some old photos of Sydney in my archive so in i went searching and found quite a few so these are pre-covid-19 photos look at the way Bondi Beach should be looking with people enjoying the day.




Crowded people enjoying the ocean breeze , swimming and surfing. Bondi Beach is a well know beach with tourist around the world it resembles a bit of Miami a long stretch of pure white sand surf shops everywhere and room for skateboard riders.




The clouds on this particular day were really dense and blue very beautiful formation. Bondi Beach also has a Iceberg pool for them keen winter swimmers who want to get there blood flow going i will give that a miss...thanks...i don't mind a cold shower after a hot day 😨





From the Bondi Beach coast line there is a walkway along the cliff sides that takes you along to many others beaches along the coastline ending at Maroubra beach along the way you can observe many beautiful views many people will jog along this walkway from Bondi Beach to Maroubra beach which is just over 12 km. There are also many weird metal statues to see along the way.




Enough of our famous Bondi Beach let's move on to our beautiful Sydney Harbor Bridge and our Harbor waters which is one of the most beautifullest Harbors in the world. The Harbor Bridge connects the Sydney central business district to the North Shore business areas.


Construction of the Sydney Harbor Bridge commenced in 1923 and was opened to the public in 1932 and it spams across the harbor waters for a length of 1149 meters a beautiful masterpiece.


Then we have another icon on our harbor waters and that is the Sydney Opera House which is our multi venue performing art center and the most photographed building in the world because of it's unique gleaming white sail shaped shell structure.



It was designed by Jorn Utzon from Denmark it commenced construction in 1959 and was open in 1973. From a original cost estimate of $7 million it blow out to $102 million but was all worth it at the end.



Sydney is truly a spectacular city with a population of 6 million people founded in 1842 it is the largest city in Australia and with its magnificent harbor it is the most important port in the South Pacific.






The nightlife in Sydney is a abundance they have a huge China-Town , Little Italy and Thai City and apart from the Casinos there are nightclubs all over the city a city you could never get board with.





It might be a expensive city to live in for some people but i still love my city of Sydney 😊


Even the Giraffes from Taronga Park Zoo have million dollar view it is a rich city 😅



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That beach is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for the wonderful pictures - makes me feel like I've just taken a trip myself!

Thank you @one-eye my pleasure glad i could take on this tour 😊

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Thank you @pinmapple 😊

Beautiful photography.... shared on Twitter ...

Thank you @offgridlife and for sharing my post on Twitter 👍

Lovely! That’s one part of the world I’d love to visit someday.

Thank you @sharkthelion well i hope you do get to see Australia someday 😊

I have always been i pressed with australia. The cities and culture feel so much different in a good way to america.

I had the pleasure of living in australia for two years and there i discovered myself and had the most beautiful memories, experiences and lessons of my life. I miss australia dearly.

Look at how beautiful the water is. Best beaches in the world.

Nice to hear that you have been to our country it does leave a unforgettable impression we do have a strange sense of humor in a funny way of course hopefully you come back here for a visit some day again in the future you are always welcome by the Aussies 😊 👍

I felt at home the second i got off the plane. I feel like i have more in common with aussies than i do americans. All the aussies figured i was Canadian because i fit right in and didnt seem american.

The most beautiful and impactful memories of my life were in the few years i lived in australia. Id give anything to go back. And be back for good. Its home to me. Even if im now stuck in the states

Wow that sounds like you don't belong in America at all and i don't blame you especially the way things are now over there you need to get them bags packing and make the land down under your home your very welcome mate and i will have a couple beers waiting for you giddy 😊

I wish. Australia doesnt just take anybody. I have no way of immigrating there. I dont have the skills theyre looking for and im too old to take advantage of the visa laws there. Even though im more aussie in my heart than murican. I do australia proud though if they let me in.

You can only try you never to old for anything , everything is worth a try 🙏

I like that mentality and its one I'm trying to incorporate into my over all thinking. Thanks mate

A pleasure mate as they say "Just do it" mate 😅

Such a beautiful prison.

Ohhhh...the best better then the Hilton...haha 😂

I was in Australia in 2015 for a study abroad trip. This reminds of the great times I had there. Thanks for sharing.

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Nice that you were there it is a unforgettable place happy you enjoyed going back in time 👍

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Thank you @ecency very kind of you 😊

Hey man cingratulations on another amazing post from your side.
Well, Australia is on my wish list and hopefully I will get there once...
I will stop by at your blog and look for some tips.

Thank you @crazy-andy it is a amazing country if you ever decide come over please let me know it will be a pleasure to give you some tips and maybe even meet up for a beer or two 🍺 👍

Thank you, noted!

👍 👍

Impressive photos. All good!.
Stay away from the crowds. You don't know what viruses they are carrying. :-)

Thank you @quotes-haven it is a wonderful beach and yep i am staying safe 👍

Beautiful Australia. I must plan to visit! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. Just awesome!
Take care, my friend, @kohsamui99 🥰🌺🤙

Thank you @silversaver888 i hope you do get there some day. Have a wonderful day my friend 😊 🌞

Great photos. The beach looks amazing and I really like the rusted metal art statues. Those are really neat. I like that sort if thing.
Cool post

Thank you @leaky20 there is a lot to see along that coast line and those metal statues there were many more great work done by these people 👍

That beach is really nice. I guess you have sort of small bonus to have the whole beach to yourself even if it wasn't for long.

We do have some amazing beaches and yep was nice to have it all to myself for a while 😊

Australia is a must see! Thanks for this great post!

Thank you @ssygmr it really is a beautiful country i hope you get to see it some day 😊

I hope :)