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RE: Railway bridge and lush green woodland walk

in Haveyoubeenhere4 months ago

Looks like a nice day to spend outside in nature. Those photos of the bridge have an artsy look about them. I like the colors cheme they chose. The green and yellow go well together.


I like how it blends in very well with the surroundings, but I like your village walks more!

Btw, are you on peakd? I sent you a chat message

Sorry, I didn't get that message. I have a Peakd account but I never use it. I was having issues with it so I gave up on it. Basically, when I posted an article it would oost to steemit instead of Hive and I couldn't understand why. It did it like 3 times so I walked away from it. I still don't know the reason for it

That's weird? You sure you were in peakd and not steempeak?

Anyway, I wanted to ask if you can help. I'm doing a survey on the 3 things that newbies should do in their first week on hive, for my new project. It will only take a few minutes. Thanks in advance 🙂

I'm pretty sure it was Peakd but I'll give it another go and see if it works this time.
I'll do the survey no problem :)