Railway bridge and lush green woodland walk

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In UK we don't have much of a summer. I always try to make the most of it when they appear, such as a couple of days ago.

Railway footbridge

I'm pretty sure this bridge has a name, but I forgot to make note of it. Most railway bridges are quiet ugly and often vandalised with wannabe graffitis. This one looked different even at a distance away and I was a quite excited to go up to have a good look.

This is probably one of the, if not the most well maintained railway bridge I've seen in rural areas. I was really surprised it was so clean and had no rubbish around. There's a sense of Victorian about it, taking one back to the heydays of the industrial revolution in England. I especially loved the contrast of yellow handrails with green bridge.

My rating: 9/10

Countryside fields

A few weeks ago, I was walking around this area and passed by a few farms. My original plan was to explore a bit more as there was a lot of farmland around. As I was walking along the lane towards the farm, I suddenly saw a stile by the fields and a public footpath sign. This looked so inviting, too good to explore, after all, this was my objective for the day.

These fields are less than ten minutes away from me, and I live in quite a build up area. So it's actually quite amazing how the landscape can change within such a short walking distance. This setting and view is just like any of the countryside walks I often do.

My rating: 9/10

Lush green woods

The first field I entered had a magnificent view looking far ahead. Nature's painting at its prime. Most fields I come across during my walks are fenced off from their neighbours. I think here they did away with a physical boundaries and used grass to mark the border. That looks a lot nicer. It's also important to remember these are private land granting access to the public, and we should always respect people's property. That means keeping to the borders only and not running all over the field. It isn't a playground here.

I turned left at the end of the first field towards the wood, leaving the rare UK scorching sun. Another stile welcomed me, this time a double one across a foot bridge over the stream. Nature had made another painting here. The green lush vegetation oozed out left right and center. Have you ever dreamt of walking into a massive glass of green cocktail garnished with pretty white flowers? That's what it felt like.

Ok, time to wake up guys!!!

My rating: 9/10


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Wow dear, that's a very beautiful place. I am just stunned with the greenry. The natural background is perfect and very soothing. I am sure you have experienced amazing silence and soothing winds at such place. Green woods are my favourite. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up 😊👍🙏

I was very surprised with so much green around as it's not too far away from the roads, must go back more often.

Thanks for dropping by

You're lucky to have so much lush green and that's because you don't have summer, I mean 37 - 40C temperatures, to burn out everything. Looks like a really nice place to spend the day.

Is that how hot it gets in Romania?!! I can't handle that even though I live in Asia for a long time. Hope you're getting out a bit now that summer is here

Yes, it can get quite hot here, and cold as well. I'd say it's ranging between -25C and +40C. Even though it's summer, it's still quite chilly.

I hope you're making the most too :)

-25!!!! That's a massive swing. Crazy!!!

Is that how hot it gets in Romania?!!

And in most of central and eastern European countries.
I am from Hungary (one of the neighbors of Romania), and we have similar temperature ranges to Romania.

We need some of that heat over here!

the railway bridge looks really special! I also know many with graffiti, but I often like that too :)

Somehow graffiti and bridges seems to come hand in hand, I don't mind them so much as some graffiti are really cool. It's when you have really crappy ones which are even worse than what my 3 year old nephew draws, that spoils things

"...vandalised with wannabe graffitis..." trust me I get you, I had more than enough of them around my birthplace through the years. You reminded me of a guy I met years ago as he asked me (kindly) why I take pictures of his house. I told him I had no idea he's the owner but it breaks my heart to see one of the very few old nice houses still left around to be victim of asses with sprays. He then told me the whole story of what he's going through with repainting the house a zillion times only to become a mess days later. If only they had a bit of taste at least like other artists do. I think I posted that incident, hard to find it as I can't remember when.

did you pin it on Pinmapple? That how I find my travel posts. Other than that, it's hopeless to find any post 😟

Oh no that was years ago on my blogspot. I have to dig deep as I wasn't tagging them:) I'll try though.

You post a train....I come a running!
That woodland looks absolutely beautiful, straight out of an Enid Blyton book..all you needed was some scrumlicious lemonade and homemade raspberry buns and you'd have been transported back to the 40s!

Have a wonderful weekend :-)

The train guy is here!!!

I got tea and Mr Kiplings apple pie right now 😊

Everything looks really nice. I like the country side fields, they looks so calming :)

Thanks. I love it when it's just the sound of wind blowing against the trees, and birds chirping away, that's my perfect walk.

Absolutely 🙏

Looks like a nice day to spend outside in nature. Those photos of the bridge have an artsy look about them. I like the colors cheme they chose. The green and yellow go well together.

I like how it blends in very well with the surroundings, but I like your village walks more!

Btw, are you on peakd? I sent you a chat message

Sorry, I didn't get that message. I have a Peakd account but I never use it. I was having issues with it so I gave up on it. Basically, when I posted an article it would oost to steemit instead of Hive and I couldn't understand why. It did it like 3 times so I walked away from it. I still don't know the reason for it

That's weird? You sure you were in peakd and not steempeak?

Anyway, I wanted to ask if you can help. I'm doing a survey on the 3 things that newbies should do in their first week on hive, for my new project. It will only take a few minutes. Thanks in advance 🙂

I'm pretty sure it was Peakd but I'll give it another go and see if it works this time.
I'll do the survey no problem :)

Have you been there? It should be Hive you been there. 😂
I Hive not been there so far, but I would love to Hive there.

You got any nice walks where you are? Maybe you can share with us 🙂

I am just looking at the green and thinking how green is green
No surprise they all got 9/10

Talking about summers in London, the one and only time I went for a short work trip, was during summer. From research and asking around, I was like yeah ok, I should be good with my KL clothes and a sweater if anything.
I ended up wearing all my clothes at one go and just swapped the layers around over the days and came back with a backache because I was trying to stop myself from shivering.
Apprently, that year was one of the worst summers so yes - not much of summers at all ;D

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What beautiful surroundings you have. What is that in the 3rd to last picture? It looks like a mini bridge that's been boarded up and closed.