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RE: Lacock - a very quintessential English village

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Hi @livinguktaiwan! I had the chance to visit Lacock some years ago as a side trip from my tour of Bath, the ancient Roman town. And I truly admire the honesty shops that are spread all over the place. I think most of us should adopt this honesty culture especially during these difficult times.

I don’t know about you, but I also experienced paranormal activity in the UK, during my stay at an extremely old hotel from the 12th century in Chippenham. Does the village of Lacock also have their share of ghost stories?


I'm so scared of paranormal activities, I hope I will never come across them 😩 I didn't hear anything specific about it in Lacock as I didn't join any guided tour anything, just wandered around myself.

Did you go to the more popular villages in Cotswold like Bourton on the Water and Bibury as well? Those are always packed with people. I spend 10 minutes at Bourton the other year and couldn't leave quick enough.

I hope so too - that you won’t encounter paranormal events there. My previous experience was with a poltergeist and it was an unforgettable one indeed.

No I haven’t been to the more popular villages you’ve mentioned. Perhaps on my next visit there. And I hope that specific future travel would be free from haunted episodes.