Travel Pro Natural Wonders #12: Sunrises on the Island of Koh Phangan Thailand! Part Five (8 photos)

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When was the last time you were genuinely excited to wake up at 4:45 in the morning? They say people who sleep too much, people who sleep late into the day; it's a sign of depression. I'm sure we've all been there at some point in our lives. I'm sure we've all gotten into some lazy bad habits before.

It wasn't the first thought that came to mind, how awesome it's gonna be to get up super early for the sunrise but I was determined to do it. I've been on a health kick since getting to the island not too long ago, and I figured early to rise early to bed, lets synchronize our mind and body with the natural rhythm of the sun and that is exactly what I did.

After catching my first sunrise, I was hooked! It quickly became my favorite part of the day. My friends would invite me out to party and I would politely tell them that I'm not into it anymore, but you're welcome to catch tomorrow's sunrise with me. They'd reply with a laugh and say how about the sunset instead; which we would always agree on.

The early mornings soon became mine and only mine. Hitting the road at 5:30 AM each day while it was still dark set the tone for the adventure ahead. I would seek out amazing beaches and view points on the east side of the island. Within 20 minutes of leaving my apartment I would be hiking through the jungle and soon arriving at my perfect photo op location of choice.

It was a calm and peaceful part of the day. The road empty and nobody around, just me, gorgeous beaches and landscapes, waiting for the sun to paint the sky. After taking some photos and enjoying the sunrise, I would often find a nice spot to roll out my yoga matt, play an instructional video on my phone and follow the yoga class of the morning.

By the time I was finished doing that It would almost be seven in the morning. I'd then move onto my planned adventure as the sun would rise higher bringing warmth to the day. Whether is was a hike through the jungle, exploring new areas on my motorbike, or trekking to nearby waterfalls, the mornings were mine and they quickly became my favorite part of the day.

Come 11AM the sun was often sizzling hot and the temperature rising steadily. Before heading back to my air conditioned apartment to sit out the mid-day heat, I would usually pull myself off an amazing beach, nice and cooled down from a refreshing dip in the sea. Not really sure if the actual sunrise was the best part of each morning, but maybe it was those six plus hours I had to myself each day, where the island felt like it was truly there just for me. The sunrises were a bonus, and an incredibly good one too. Now come along and lets have a look at some of the sunrises on the Island of Koh Phangan Thailand!



Photo Credit: World Travel Pro Pro!

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How you doing out there bro taking care of my island, I can see those sunsets are keeping you happy, sorry haven't had much time to comment I have had a couple of busy weeks. Take care bro 👍

All good brother, I too have super busy, ya know....chilllen at the beach and stuff hahaha. But seriously, busy getting things all set to start posting my videos, plan to get the first one out Tuesday. Then start a Tuesday/Friday schedule. Yes, your islands are clean and quiet, waiting for a return of Samui99!

Take it easy bro you don't want to over do it you might end up with a hernia 🤣🤣

Be looking forward to your first edition of videos, I here Koh Samui is open to some SandBox holiday scheme but sounds a bit dodgy as the virus cases has hit nearly 12,000 a day over there ?

Exactly bro. Things are getting dodgy over here with the case count. Happy I'm on my little island. I think they arranged this whole sandbox thing months ago, when things we're pretty much contained. Almost no new cases for most of last year. Just the last two months numbers starting piling up.

Stay where you safe bro. That is a shame it's just making it hard for those nice people over there to survive without any tourist or the very few so sad.

Yeah, it's pretty messed up. We have more cases and deaths yesterday than all of 2020 combined. 13,000+ and over 100 dead. I'll just stay right here on my little island paradise thank you very much! Hope you are doing well brother.

Yep i wouldn't be going anywhere else at the moment your far better of there then in the big smoke. I am ok here in my small town no cases here all good. Thanks bro take care 👍

Always nice to look at these tropical sunsets the last two sunset photos are just awesome :)

Thanks buddy! Glad you like them. Also glad you are playing my price is right game. Before the real nasty bear market of 10 cent hive. The game was fairly popular. Sometimes had up to 20 people a day playing. Which gave you 1 in 20 chance of winning. At the moment I think you have a 100% chance of winning with your Pad Si Ew guess! haha

Have a great day buddy!

Not a probably buddy looks like people have lot the urge of having a bit of fun how boring, I hope a few more jump in :)

Just beautiful ☀️

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WOW 😍😍😍 That is a view that takes my breath away. Such a beautiful island and envirement, love how you captured them in different places.
The sun is insane.. GORGEOUS 😍

I never get tired of sunset Views, and the magic it brings.
Thank you for making me smile with your beautiful pictures.

Happy monday. Much love 🤗🌷

Indeed. I'm so lucky to be in such a nice place where catching the sunset is something people plan to do on an almost daily basis. Even with monsoon season now starting, there are still plenty of sunsets to keep my camera lens busy! Thank you so much for supporting my blog. Hope you are having a great day!

You make it easy with your amazing posts and beautiful pictures 😉
It is a joy to read and enjoy the view in them.
Have a wonderful Day my friend and Stay safe 🤗❤️🌷

Thanks Saffi!


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