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I have wanted to post in the COMIC BOOKS fan/pro community for a while, but I haven't had anything to post. Now I finally have finished the cover for the printed version of Phill from GCHQ, which I funded through Kickstarter earlier this year.

So without further ado here they are:



The motive of the frontpage is taken from early in the comic where Phill, the main character, is possessed by three evil Celtic Gods in the server room cellars under the GCHQ headquarter in Cheltenham in the UK.

On the back one can see in the corners Celtic trinity knots, and in the bottom above the ISBN code a Dara Knot, old symbols of mostly Irish origin.

As Phill from GCHQ is a European comic it is in the A4 format. I hope that the Americans who ordered it will find a way to fit it into their comic book shelfs.

The artwork is, like most of what I create, made with Krita, but the ornaments on the back is first handdrawn in Krita and then traced into vector graphics with Inkscape, the application I also use for putting text in the bubbles.

All this means that I will soon take up working on Phill again. For anybody who is in doubt what Phill from GCHQ is you can see the promotional video I made for the Kickstarter here: (yes, I play the piano myself)

The Grand Promotional Video

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I look forward to holding a copy in my hands. I ordered several as I hope to be able to pass some on to others and it reduced the postage per copy.

And I am looking forward to shipping them. The pages are proofread and almost all of it is ready to be put in a pdf and sent to the printshop. All the people who ordered from abroad will also get an extra surprise on top :)

Ooh, now I am extra excited!

With a title that innocent it's probably a very interesting story XD

This is Amazing!

Possibly it's from being out in the garden and sun far too long which has baked my brian, but how does one go about buying a hard copy @katharsisdrill ? I'm sure it's quiet apparent, but obviously not to me.

when it is printed I will set up a webshop, but right now it is still in the production fase.