Kid’s macrophotography #2

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Hello friends,

My daughter brought a few flowers from outside. We decided to make macro photos with them.


We haven’t been doing any art these days, I guess having a little break. I make sure that my kids do a little bit of ho
homework every day. Usually first thing is a piano practice.


Then, a bit of math, reading (the oldest one has to read in English and in Russian), some writing (trying cursive this summer), word-search with the youngest.


Today we were lazy, so we did some piano practice and macrophotography 🔍.


In the afternoon we go to gymnastics for my daughter and to soccer for my son. It’s not a fancy expensive place. It’s a community center, so prices are pretty doable for us.


I hope you liked our macrophotos.


This is as closest as could get. I had to help with this zoomed up shot. It’s hard for little hands to not shake.


DeviceIPhone 12 Pro
ObjectPink flower
Captured by@artmoms kid;-)

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