Fungi Friday: Random Mushrooms Forest

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I am delighted to share some random mushrooms that I found in different spots when I was having fun with photography in the forest Many mushrooms are edible which we can consume as a meal. As we know, cultivated mushrooms are also used for medicinal properties to cure chronic bronchitis, coronary heart disease, and cancer. In fact, many of them are also bad to consume. These following mushrooms are believed unedible mushrooms that grow in the dirty area.


I found this mushroom growing on a rotten banana tree. The day I found, it was still exposing good growth.


These little whites started to open themselves to the world from the hay. Not good to consume perhaps, but worth capturing.


The very white dragged my attention. They grew on the dead wood after the rain. All I needed to do was to grab my camera and taking some shots.


Another white that also grew not far from the first one. The cap is soft and fragile. It is a little mushroom which made me carefully take them in close up.


Not really big, but I need to maintain with a focus so I was able to find the whole look of this mushroom that also grew near the rots.


I put up with the close-up shot where I could perceive the half look of this mushroom. Although it has a bit stain on the cup, still it's good to be shot.

jamur 7.jpg

I found this mushroom long ago somewhere around the deep wood. It was accidentally found growing on the dead tree.
CameraNikon D7000
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