Mushroom siege of the old castle

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Going to the Central City Park with my grandchildren, I did not count on this wonderful meeting. I do not know what these mushrooms are called. But I know it’s time for me to take my basket, staff and my mushroom knife ... and go to the forest.

Отправляясь в Центральный городской парк с внучами я совсем не рассчитывал наэту чудесную встречу. Я не знаю, как называются эти грибы. Но я знаю, что мне пора брать свою корзину, посох и мой грибной нож...и отправляться в лес.

Their main residence is the stump of an old linden tree in a park.

Их основная резиденция - это пень старой липы в парке.

Their army was numerous. They surrounded the castle and began to storm it.

Их армия была многочисленной. Они окружили замок и стали брать его штурмом.

Part of the army was hiding in the grass nearby. They seemed to be waiting for a signal to advance.

I wonder how many mushrooms are growing in the forest right now?

Часть войска пряталась в траве неподалёку. Они словно ждали сигнала к наступлению.

Интересно, сколько сейчас грибов в лесу?

FungiFriday fun challenge by @ewkaw

Unless otherwise specified, the text and photos are mine

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Hahaha, indeed they seem like an army waiting to storm a castle... 😄

... it really is :)

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Thanks so much !

фото нумер 3 особенно впечатлило. а вообще все хорошие!

грибы вроде и есть, а так -- нет. но посох и ножик все равно бери конечно... и удачу...

я просто давно не был в настоящем лесу, уже месяц с внучками по паркам, детским площадкам и проч...)))
Думаю, что на жарёху по-любому насобирать можно)

Oh wow! They really took over that spot!
So cute :)

They seem to be very serious :-))

Inky cap armies. They seem ferocious and ready to take over the world... until the sun hits them and they turn into black goo.

But I know it’s time for me to take my basket, staff and my mushroom knife ... and go to the forest.

With that many of them, you might want to considering taking your boots as well. That's a lot of black goo;)

Happy mushroom hunting!

This is a big army, but if I go to the forest with my basket ... I will look for other mushrooms ... still :)
Have a nice weekend!

Ooo a ton of mica caps. Technically edible so long as they are in a clean non industrial area and if you don't consume alcohol for a full day after eating them.

Technically edible ... I do not want to risk my health. I'd rather photograph them :-))

They only make you sick if you consume alcohol after eating them. They taste like ink caps so they aren't that good anyway. Better for photos.

I have not tried to eat either one or the other :-))

You're not missing much they are slimy and fall apart. Boletes and chantrelles are way better.

I love dried fly agaric :)))

that is one I would be too scared to try lol

I love dried fly agaric )))