#FungiFriday | Featuring some Fungi in the Woods

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Hello Hivers and Mushroom Lovers!!!

Have a #FungiFriday to all of us.

In support with this amazing community that promotes love for nature and life in a different form, here is my entry for this day #fungifriday a challenge initiated by @ewkaw.



A few days ago, I've been walking in a forest near my house and as I was there, I saw this fungus in wood, at first I never know what kind of fungi is it, so I decided to search it on the internet and here are some names of fungi that really looks the same.




images 11.jpeg

I'm not really sure if it is the same but if anyone can identify it, just comment down and I will thank you for that.

Your Friend @godlovermel25

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To God be the Glory!!!😇😇🙏

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Wow that orange one is a beauty.

Thank you.

I thought it was chicken of the woods at first but now it looks to be some other polypore.

Ahh... I see.

the second photo is very lovely! intresting unusual colour of this tree fungi. recently I met one looking very same to yours. will post the pictures soon, too. cheers!

Thanks for this. Now I have something new to post!

Thanks for dropping by ate..