Mushroom Monday | Found a Lonely Mushroom

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Hello Hivers and Mushroom Lovers!!!

Have a Mushroom Monday to all of us.

This will be my newest post here on Fungi Lovers Community featuring my #mushroommonday by @@@balticbadger.

A few days ago, I found this lonely mushroom in a forest near my place. Honestly, I really don't know what kind of mushroom is it but as I searched on the internet, I found a mushroom same as this but I'm not really sure if it is the same and it was Champignon.



This past few days, I'd like capturing photos that all about nature most especially about flowers, animals, insects and another kind of God's creation and nowhere is what I also found.

This is what I've captured that really amazed me. I found it along with lots of grass but still, I found it really amazing. As I said above, I searched it on the internet to be looks like Champignon but I'm not really sure if it is correct.

If anyone can identify it please share and comment down.

This mushroom that I found will always remind me that we must appreciate all that God created by protecting it and take good care of it. God entrusted it to us, so we must do what God wants us to do.

Happy #mushroommonday

Your Friend @godlovermel25

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God Bless us All!!!




Congratulations for the win.

Salamat ate..

yeah, a lovely aND lonely shroom! your Nokia gig a good job with the photo.

by the way, Champignons always used to grow in big families -- if you fund one, probably somewhere around are his relatives, as well! Blessings

Thank you for dropping by. God bless