morels - see you later!

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if you think, mushrooms is something for the late summer--autumn only, you are totally wrong! some shrooms grow even at winter. and now, right as the snow have melted and the soil is wet, is the right time for the morels: from later March till May. Morels love a lot of moisture...

but the sad thing is, this time we had almost no snowdrop at all. No snow - no water - no morels. I used my archive shot for this post.

image taken by @qwerrie | Canon 350D +50mm 1.4

Happy Fungi Friday to you!


They should be coming out anytime now. These black ones emerge earlier than the other species.

The crazy looking one :)

hmm? crazy? but why.

As in very weird looking :) like brain.. or some evil soul..

mmm... a brain... yes. I just have a bunch of same-looking shrooms, and seems I used to their strange outlook, it doesnt seem strange to me. I have to see them again in real outside world, then i'd go like you again: crazyyy!


I have never seen them... :(