Red Hood Russula

in Fungi Lovers4 months ago

Hola, setero! Happy and fruitful Fungi Friday to you... and a good weekend! Red Russula were all the trophies I've got recently (speaking of edibles ones).


Now, its time to part ways, I wish you good luck -- and Good Hunting!

#FungiFriday fun challenge is hold by @EwkaW

I hope many of you will join, as there are only 2 simple rules:

  • when Friday comes, share your fungi with us! post your own, original photo/drawing/art/food/anything-at-all of any type of fungi (yes, stolen images will be checked and reported !)
  • add #fungifriday (not necessarily must be your 1st tag). that's all!

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What a bright one, white stem is interesting I found one with a red stem recently.

white stem is interesting

hmm? I think all of Russula have a white stem, what is so intresting about it?

I found one with a red stem that is inedible. I would of almost eaten it if I didn't remember russulas are supposed to have white stems.