Fungi-Friday: Photography Mushrooms are beautiful

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I really didn't know the name of this mushroom, even I searched for it on Google, but unfortunately I didn't find the name of this beautiful mushroom, whether between you know the name of this mushroom ...?
Well tonight coincides on Friday night, then as usual, I want to post about mushrooms, in the community I love this, right on the fungi-lovers community
So for friends who think they have mushrooms, or Tampa deliberately you find mushrooms then you can post and make interesting stories in this Fungi-Lovers community ...
The fungi-lovers community is also under support @OCD so if you make a useful or interesting post then, you will get a + sound + from @OCD and also other people,
I am from Aceh Indonesia I really love mold, and where I live this stay has many mushrooms, sometimes I find unique mushrooms, in a certain time, so I don't have time to take pictures of the mushroom images ...
Today I found a clean mushroom, but unfortunately I didn't know the name of this mushroom, and I also didn't know whether this mushroom could be eaten or not ...
But as this mushroom could not be eaten, at that time I picked the mushroom, and a little hit my hand, and the mushroom was broken into water, like the mushroom couldn't be eaten ...
Now connected tonight is Friday night, then, we can use the special Teg which has been set by @ewkaw to allow Teg #fungifriday on special Friday ,,
And for those of you who have not joined the Fungi-Lovers community, you can click directly on the link below to join the mushroom lover community.

And I also have a little idea, for the Fungi-Lovers community, if you have Discord then it will be even better, and there we can be together in the Fungi-lovers community.
I am really proud to get to know the HIVE platform and also to be able to find this community of fungi-lovers, on the Hive platform, our aspirations and hopes that we all will be successful here ...
Maybe this is what I can tell in my post this time, hopefully it can be useful and also thank you very much for those of you who have supported me, and also for those of you who have read my post,
And I also want to apologize if any of my words are wrong, because I can't speak English, I only use the language translation so if it's not perfect then you can understand, Thank you


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Thanks you very much sir @r2cornell and sir @jasonmunapasee

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Thanks you very much sir

You're welcome @kasna👍🙂❤️
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Thank you very much brother @sketch.and.jam I have searched for the name of this mushroom on google but I did not find it, thank you for telling me the name of this mushroom ... they are really delicate and only last about a day.

oh, how fast this week was -- i didnt notice weekend is already coming.
Happy Fungi Friday, @kasna!
awesome captures, enjoyed most of them - #5, #8, #9 were my faves!

@qwerrie Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it, time is spinning too fast and we are too negligent with our work, so we don't feel like time is spinning so fast ,,

Have you created Discord for the Fungi-Lovers community,
If you have, or if there is a plan it is very good ,, I can not wait to join there ..

theres a channel for DNA at discord, probably its enaugh for all our needs. I like to keep things simpler..

Okey thanks very much my brother

by the way! forgot to ask -- did you try to make a black-and-white version of these pictures?
I am sure some images will benefit greatly from it, and became very awesome-looking.

Happy Fungi Friday once again!