The ‎Silencing - Tough Choice

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In some cases, the world puts you in a decision between your longing and the most valuable one you love ... you need to crush your desires before they pass the point of no return.

Standard European drama in Hollywood, this is the medium by which the film is set; Serial hangman, forest and revenge! A mixture of all European presidents and screenwriters constantly groomed toward the beginning of their paths in Hollywood.


Movie screenplay

The movie contains an incredible part of the secret and anticipation that lies in the mystery of some of the many violations and prosecutions, but for some fanatics of this classification, this movie can be considered a "copy" in some way.

At the same time, despite the redundancy in thought, there are new increases in the basic plot of the film, for example, the moral side of the police officer and the body of the chronic executioner. Likewise, there is an amazing "unexpected twist" at the end of the movie, which added a great deal and was satisfying for fans of puzzle classification and amazing completion.

The situation abandons some loopholes, for example, the expansion of events and sub-characters that do not serve the basic line of the story, and yet the striking imperfection remains as I want to think, which is the gross lack of the executioner the inspiration to do all these unbearable violations.

The story

It's about a tracker who lives separately in saving a wild life, as he and the neighborhood cop participate in a cat-and-mouse tour with a chronic executioner, to understand the mystery of the disappearance of a few girls, including his girl who was caught 5 years ago.

In his second full-length feature film, young Belgian "Robin Brent" makes his mark and has the right to praise. The coordination was fluid and direct, as its primary goal was to legitimately convey the message. However, its burden is the unbalanced rhythm throughout the rather short film, sometimes the scenes get quick and excited, and sometimes the clips are too long and meaningless.




Nikolai Coster-Waldau

In this film, the persecuted magnetic artist assumes the role of Rayburn, the father who feels despondent after his young daughter disappears and becomes addicted to alcohol. An uncomplicated job, yet presented in a wonderful and charming way of course, because he generally understands how to capture viewers 'sympathy from only his eyes' reactions, he does not need many exchanges to do this.

Annabelle Wallis

She played policewoman Gustafson somewhat complicated due to the mental battles between her execution during the occupation and her sense of blame for leaving her younger brother after the death of her family. I did well overall and shockingly in some scenes.


The movie persecuted in 2020 due to the Corona pandemic, which did not make it appear in a huge number of films for the largest number of viewers to watch, otherwise it is worth searching for a light and attractive night despite it contains some distortions.


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