Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey Review - Delightful Classic

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Today we have one of the wonderful movies that embody us classic drama and combine Disney films with a wonderful classic character.

The film today combines drama, which will take us in a curve after that to mystery to see how family problems affect a person and how he will return afterwards to his glory and all that thanks to his granddaughter.

The movie is very fun and suitable for family viewers, especially as it comes at Christmas time. In the films that are characterized by calm and magnificence, the warm films that give us a wonderful feeling while watching.

In this movie, we will see the performance of children as well as adults, because I see mystery, fantasy and drama scenes, and we will be greatly affected by the wonderful songs and artistic reviews, but what is the story?


The story

The story of the movie tells us about a game inventor and maker who lives a quiet life with his wife and daughter, a life full of joy and happiness, living with each other and the man works in a toy store.

The man lives by selling toys, but he does not make ordinary toys, as he is a great innovator and inventor, but the winds flow in a way that the ships do not desire, where he is injured by this man because of a great psychological result as a result of our story and things get worse after the death of his wife, so he asks his daughter to stay away from him.

This man's thinking stops until he cannot do anything new and does not penetrate into anything new, as if he was paralyzed.

This man remains alone and miserable for many years, but after a long period of time his granddaughter comes to him, who changes everything upside down and tries to get him out of this predicament and help him restore his former glories.
We will then know what happened, what caused this man, and how things led him to stop his invention and manufacture.



The film is very simple and shows us many wonderful dramatic scenes, the relationship between the father and his children, the relationship between the father and his wife, as well as work, and how every simple thing can change everything upside down.

The movie is similar to the wonderful Disney movies that we are all used to and love, especially since this movie at Christmas time is now one of the best films to watch like this kind of simple family movie.

All these relationships are dramatic, mixed with fantasy and adventure, as well as some mystery.

The movie takes on a wonderful classic character and represents us with great fun Disney movies, kids performance and energy.

The film also tries to convey a message to us that everything cannot end easily and that we can return as we were just a little patience and a little optimism a message that a film communicates to us all that we can.


The acting

The acting performance was very impressive, especially on the part of the children and the main characters in the film. The director was able to convey to us the message that we can do great things with just a little simplicity.

The film did not cost in the great acting performance, nor in the graphics and great imagination, but only with some simple things managed to deliver us a wonderful beautiful movie that everyone loved.

It was a dramatic aspect in the movie that was not very influential, but the imagination and adventure were the best, as well as the songs in the film and the reviews were not as required, but in the end the film gave us a good performance to be counted on.

I advise you to watch this movie, as you will take from it a classic, delightful and very wonderful experience.


Official Trailer


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