Tsukihime, Lunar Legend - Vol. 1: Life Threads - Anime Movie Review

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While this is a nicely drawn anime, the plot is confusing and slow and after four episodes I am still not sure what is going on. The characters are interesting, but they seem shallow or they have the wrong response to events.


The plot seems to be that Shiki, the main character, was born with unique vision; something called the mystic eyes of death perception. He sees lines in things and when the lines break, the thing breaks, therefore; he can destroy anything. He is finally able to live a normal life when a Mage gives him a special pair of glasses that make his vision normal.


He is now a typical high school student who has been living with his aunt and uncle. Then his parents suddenly die and his sister--now the head of the household--requests that he come live with her. His life is further turned upside down when he meets a woman whom he kills using his special ability only she comes back to life! She is Arcueid Brunested a princess of the True Ancestors, which are the original vampires. She has been exterminating the Dead Apostles, which are vampires who came into existence when they were bitten by True Ancestors. She recruits Shiki to help her kill the Dead Apostles using his special ability. She says he owes her because he killed her. And they begin to have some sort of relationship by the end of the first episode.


The plot is very confusing and we are not given much insight into the characters or information about their past or really what is going on. At the end of the first episode, I am still a little lost as to what is going on. But perhaps that is the idea--maybe we are supposed to be as confused as Shiki seems to be. The plot also moves very slowly since Shiki can't remember anything and Arcueid gives these long explanations for things that don't really tell us much. Plus this being a vampire anime, some of the scenes are very violent, perhaps too much so for this story line.


As far as the voicing goes, the American dub seems ok. I haven't listened to the Japanese voicing, but the dub compared to the subtitles seems to be translated well (for a change). And none of the characters seem to have funny out of place voices. I also like the opening theme to this anime (the opening theme could be the best thing about this anime). It is a very pretty instrumental piece that is actually quite beautiful and enjoyable to listen to.


Some of the characters are also promising. Shiki seems to be an interesting character. He seems like a nice normal boy, but you can tell that there is darkness, a ruthlessness in him that is waiting to spring out.

Arcueid also seems to be an interesting character. She is a vampire, yet she can walk out in the daylight. I am curious to find out the legend behind what type of vampire she is and the limits to her powers--that is what will keep me going into part two.


Besides Shiki's and Arcueid's characters this series doesn't seem to have much going for it except for the pretty animation and a nice opening theme.


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