Anime Series? Here Are My Top Picks!

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I know I have written Top 5 Anime Series or TV Series on the list for Day 29 of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge, but actually I don't watch a lot of TV Series these days.

Well, I did enjoy watching Japanese TV Series when I was a University students and to name a few on my list, they would be the following:

  • Gokusen 1, 2, 3 + movie
  • Galileo 1,2 + movies
  • Hana Yori Dango 1, 2 + movie
  • Last Friends
  • Love Shuffle
  • Meichan no Shitsuji
  • Nobuta wo Produce
  • Otomen

Recently, I also started watching some TV series on Netflix and I enjoyed watching "Stranger Things", "Locke and Key" and "13 Reasons Why". I'm still on the second season of "13 Reasons Why", though. But so far, it's really interesting to watch. I am a huge fan of Psychological Horror/Thriller, so I really enjoy these series so far. And I look forward to watching the next chapter of these stories.

I'll create a separate post for these series in the days to come. :) For now, let me focus on the main topic and that is my FAVORITE ANIME SERIES.

Having watched anime for more than 20 years, I have had a lot of favorites, but what I'm going to share now are the recent favorites, so here they are!



I have been in love with this series ever since it started six years ago. The first season was broadcasted in 2014, and I really have to thank my cousin for recommending it to me. My cousin isn't into anime but knows I'm a sucker for sports anime. He plays volleyball and one friend from his team told him about it, and so he relayed the message to me. We were so hyped when we first watched it!

When the second season was released the next year, I decided to watch the episode released every week and after it was completed, I rewatched it from the first season. I did the same thing for seasons 3 and 4.1. So yeah, I have rewatched it a lot of times, but I still don't get sick of it.

I must say "Haikyuu!!" is one of the best sports anime there is. All the characters are loveable. One thing I've learned from it is that, "It's never about winning or losing, it's how you enjoy the game." When you watch it, I bet you'll love every character in the series. I promise! (haha)



This is truly the best baseball drama anime I have ever watched. It has six seasons which depicts the growth of a young child named "Honda Goro" as a person whose life is connected to baseball. I love the flow of this anime because we get to see every milestone Goro had achieve since he was a child until he had a family of his own.

Somehow, I feel very attached to this character. All the struggles that he has been through in order to live the life that he wanted was just so touching. I learned more about the sport through this anime. Goro is an inspiration!

I have already watched all the six seasons twice, but I wouldn't mind watching them again. And for sure, I'd still cry a bunch of times. I'm currently watching the second season of Major 2nd. It's about the life of Goro's son. :)

There are a bunch of baseball anime that I like, though. Here are some of them:

  • Diamond no Ace (this is sooooo exciting to watch!)
  • Touch, H2 and Cross Game (I love Adachi Mitsuru!)
  • One Outs (not really focused on baseball, but this is some psychological sh*t)
  • Ookiku Furikabutte (feel good anime... this is also a realistic type of baseball anime)
  • Battery (another baseball drama, but more on slice of life)

Yes, I've watched almost all baseball anime available on the net. lol



I was in high school when One Piece started airing in my country, however, I didn't watch it until around 2011. That time, I just watched some episodes because my otaku friends from University told me to do so. However, one of them told me a major spoiler and I didn't feel like watching it anymore.

Around a couple years later, I was already a "working adult" and I just felt so stressed with my life. I decided to give One Piece another shot. One Piece already had around 600 episodes that time, but I was able to catch up in around a month or so. It would've been faster if I wasn't working. lol

One Piece is among the many mainstream shounen anime there is, but I have to say, it's one of the best! When it comes to mainstream shounen anime in my childhood, I'd say "Yu Yu Hakusho" was my favorite. I rewatched the whole thing around 3 years ago, and it was still as exciting as when I watched it as a child. I was able to understand the plot much better. :)

Dr. Stone


I know. Dr. Stone has only released one season as of the moment, but what can I do? I am in love with Senku!!! I mean, I love his brain. He is an effin' genius and he never fails to amaze me! Imagine being petrified for thousands of years, but the moment you're de-petrified, you're able to know the exact date because you counted every second that passed by. I mean... who does that? Well, Senku! duhh!

OK, I'm not making sense... but I don't know. I just love Dr. Stone so much! It's a very specific genre because if you're not into Science, you might find it boring. Still, give it a shot. You might love Science after watching it! ^^

The second season will come out next year, so I'm really looking forward to watching it. I'm following the manga version, so I know what will happen, and it absolutely going to be awesome!



Do you know the card game "KARUTA"?
In Japan, they have a collection of selected 100 poems which they call "Hyakunin Isshu". There are 2 sets of Karuta cards, 100 of them contains the first part of every poem in Hyakunin Isshu. The other 100 cards contain the second part of every poem. Karuta players would have to memorize these poems by heart. There are various strategies in playing this game though, as introduced in the anime.

I enjoy watching the characters play Karuta, but it isn't the reason why I listed Chihayafuru on my top picks. It's because this anime introduced me to Japanese Literature. As you know, I am into poetry and this got me curious about Hyakunin Isshu.

I tried researching the poems included in the collection... these poems even became inspiration for me to write more poetry pieces. Japanese literature is really interesting, especially from the writers and poets in the Heian Period. Well, I won't delve more into that.

I am yet to watch the third season of Chihayafuru, but I'm planning to watch the first two seasons again before I start with the third one. I miss the excitement when they play competitive Karuta, and I miss listening to the poems and their interpretation. :)

That's the list I could provide for now, but to be honest, there are a whole bunch of anime I love... so I'll be talking about them in the future. I want to rewatch a lot of stuff! Can I have a vacation for 6 months twice a year??? xD

Thanks for checking this out! See you for the final topic tomorrow! <3


I am not a fan of sports anime but I love Haikyuu! I've watched sports anime not more five, I guess. There were some that I decided to stop watchin. Anyway, I will try watching Dr. Stone after I finish the Umbrella Academy. Dako kaayu ang Theory of Special Relativity saiya shirt. Ganahan kog mga bright2 na tanawon para ma feeling bright pod ox. :D

I only saw one episode of Dr. Stone, its relatively new isnt it? Should give it another try.

I got only One Piece in common with you. :P

It is new.. girst season was released last year. :) But it's only going to get even better.. haha

Hahaha... bet you're into more shounen stuff.. :)

Seinen mostly, but I do enjoy Shounen quite a lot. 😃

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