League of Movies (HIVE WRITING CONTEST): Third Edition | Week 03 - "LOL (Laughing Out Loud)".

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Hi, everybody!

Today we are going to start the THIRD PHASE of the THIRD EDITION of the contest, but before that... Let's check the latest league ranking (based on 48 hours of voting on dPoll) until now:


#01. @rnunez09 (10 POINTS)

#02. @coyotelation (07 POINTS)

#03. @ericha (05 POINTS)

#04. @nameless16 (02 POINTS)

#05. @lebey1 (02 POINTS)

#06. @jcrodriguez (02 POINTS)

#07. @fianna (02 POINTS)

#08. @ramsesuchiha (02 POINTS)

PLOT TWIST: Applying the new rule (where I add extra points according to my preference, taking into account the first three places):

#01. @rnunez (03 POINTS)

#02. @ericha (02 POINTS)

#03. @coyotelation (01 POINT)

So... This is the FINAL RANKING of WEEK 02:


In the last round of voting, I didn't add the @serialfiller post on the list because the post had a low rating notice and that is why the post didn't appear to me. As a way of fixing this, I added 03 points for what was written.

#01. @rnunez09 (26 POINTS)

#02. @coyotelation (16 POINTS)

#03 (TIED). @ericha and @nameless16 (09 POINTS)

#04. @serialfiller (05 POINTS)

#05. @jcrodriguez (04 POINTS)

#06. @fianna (04 POINTS)

#07. @ramsesuchiha (02 POINTS)

#08. @ecotone (02 POINTS)

#09. @hananan (02 POINTS)

THEME OF THE WEEK: "LOL (Laughing Out Loud)".

This week, the challenge is kinda light (but not easier) and what you just need to do is laugh a lot by writing a review of a comedy movie (which can mix other genres within the same project) that made you laugh wildly or that at least you - somehow - judge as a funny production.


  • Each competitor can only post ONE ENTRY.

  • (NEW RULE) => In an attempt to increase the dynamics of the contest and avoid constant draws, reviews on the same movie ARE NOT ALLOWED. So, before publishing your participation... Check if any other user has not already written about the movie you chose.

  • Minimum of 300 WORDS per review.

  • The initial title of your post MUST be "League of Movies (Third Edition | Week 03)" + your movie title. For example:

League of Movies (Third Edition | Week 03): [ Your Movie Title ]

  • One of the FIVE MAIN TAGS of your post MUST be #leagueofmovies. You won't need to comment on the link to your post here because I'll search for it by the main tag.

  • You MUST mention the post of THIS CONTEST within YOUR POST.

  • Only ENGLISH, SPANISH and PORTUGUESE entries will be accepted for a better understanding.

  • You MUST tag at least TWO (02) of YOUR FRIENDS at the end of your post.

ATTENTION: All those who have decided to write and participate in the contest must follow (strictly) all the rules. Otherwise, the post will not be valid.


  • The THREE (03) WINNERS will be chosen by the public through weekly POOLS on dPoll.

  • I will add EXTRA SCORES for each of the reviews (03 POINTS for FIRST PLACE, 02 POINTS for SECOND PLACE and 01 POINT for THIRD PLACE) according to my preferences considering the three winners chosen by the public.


  • All posts MUST be written by the end of JUNE 27th.

  • JUNE 28th ​​and 29th = 48 hours of voting on dPoll.


  • The FIRST PLACE of each week will get 10 POINTS, the SECOND PLACE will get 07 POINTS, the THIRD PLACE will get 05 POINTS and the OTHER PARTICIPANTS will get 02 POINTS.

  • AT THE END OF THE FOURTH WEEK, scores will be calculated and the THREE WINNERS will be elected. If there is a TIE, the prize will be EQUALLY SPLITTED.





QUICK REMINDER: The contest will be WEEKLY and the prize will be MONTHLY. So, you all can be sure that I'll try my best to keep this schedule on time.

That's it for now folks. It's movie again! ;)

Any questions?
Please comment below or contact me on Discord (wiseagent).

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Congratulations to the winners and I think I have already chosen the film I will participate in this week.

Yeah... Bring it on, @nameless16!

Thank you for all participants to choose my own entry


It's always a pleasure to participate!
Here is my entry for this week, I had a really nice time writing this review:

It's my pleasure to have a participant as good as you in the contest (which, by the way, is full of other equally good participants).


Hello! Here I leave my entry. I'm not good at reviews, but this week sounded fun so I wanted to participate: