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Ever been in a situation where it seems your whole world has just crashed landed?
Have you ever been in a position that you have to make a hard decision?
Have you passed your aggression on people especially those around you simply because of the troubles you are going through?
Amidst all the hurdles and heartaches, do you still find love in your heart? A little space to accommodate another and shower your love in the little and best way you can?
How about finding a thousand reasons to give up but at the same time just a reason not to.
Well, this is what Matthew Logelin in the movie FATHERHOOD experienced when he lost his wife Liz Logelin after the child's birth.

Matthew Logelin is left as a single parent to take care of his daughter Maddy Logelin.
At first, family and friends thought he couldn't do it so they suggested that he left his only baby child with her grandparents to look after while he continued and focused his attention on work and taking care of himself.
But Matthew decided by himself that he wanted to look after his only child. He was ready to take care of her no matter what others would say or how hard it would become for him.
Even when Maddy's grandmother suggested that Matthew travels and leave the baby with them, he didn't agree to it and said it was a bad idea.

Matthew took it upon himself to take care of his baby daughter and nurture her until she grew a little older.
The first few months weren't an easy one for him. He had troubles changing her diapers, he had sleepless nights. The baby cried so loudly and helplessly each night. She refused to take her milk and she wasn't keeping quiet either.

Matthew was disturbed and frustrated that he went to the mother's care association where single mothers gather to share their baby's journey and experience. He was given a tip and suggestion by one of the mothers there about how to stop baby Maddy from always crying and being so loud.
He went home and tried it and it worked for the first night, so he continued using the vacuum cleaner sound to distract and stop baby Maddy from crying.

It continued for a while and when the baby was taken to the doctor to check her growth and weight, Matthew was told that he was doing very well, as any single mother would. He was shocked and couldn't believe his ears, because he was worried that he sucks at parenting and taking care of Maddy, he thought his poor child will be under-weight and not well taken care of but to his surprise reverse was the case and so Matthew was so happy and even his mother-in-law that went with him for Maddy's checkup was surprised too and this made her to finally accept his son-in-law capable of taking care of her grandchild.

She fully handed over Maddy's care to her father and trusted him to do well even without her presence.
And this is when Maddy was being taken care of by her dad until she grew up and started going to the Nuns school where her mother wanted her to be. Along the line came Swan, a new friend Maddy's dad met and both liked each other. Maddy too liked Swan and wanted to spend more time with her.

To cut the review short, Maddy was well taken care of by her dad and there wasn't anything wrong with him being a single dad and taking care of her daughter.
The movie Fatherhood goes a long way to teach us that not all single fathers are incapable of taking care of their children if they so wish to.
Even without a mother's figure present, they can still take care of their children and train them up in a good and right way even amidst pressure from friends and family.
The movie has more lessons to offer than the little I have shared here.
You can do well to check it out and have a good time enjoying it, cry along if you wish but I promise you won't really have to, except you are a bit dramatic like me ;)
Do check it out and tell me what you think later okay?

I wanna appreciate you guys for your time spend on my blog post today, for every upvote and comment as well, thank you!.
I hope to see and read from you next time.



I saw that movie awhile ago and just loved it. Yes I did shed a tear but I also laughed out loud. So much of what the movie portrayed was spot on. Parents, single or a couple, jump through hoops to make that little one content and happy, no easy task. When I had my first child I kept calling my mom for advise and each time the conversation boiled down to...just love them, all the rest will work it's way out.

Nice post. Enjoy your day.

Wow! I am not surprised you have seen it too because the movie is kinda trending a little for now lol.
Oh, if it was your first time then I understand you always calling your mom🤭 but I am glad the conversation ended well. And you know what better to do.

I saw this movie when it was released and I absolutely loved it. He had a lot of people supporting him, even his boss at work was super helpful.

I like the fact that he allowed the little child be herself and all the sacrifices he made for her made me appreciate more the things my parents did for me.

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Yea. I love the movie so much.
And it teaches that even single parents can do better for their children if they want to

Supposed to have parenting tag. Nice one dear

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I know right. Forgot though.

I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I thought I would. I think it showcased that Hart isn't just a one trick pony because the emotional sequences that he had to do were quite touching. Nicely done IMO

I am glad you also enjoyed the movie.
And I also think the same.