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The current bull market in crypto marks my first full cycle owning a bunch of crypto assets and 2not fucking selling". I've bought tops, held throughout a full bear market, saw Bitcoin recover from $3,000 and reach an ATH of $64,000 in less than a year and witnessed the DOGE and other meme coins madness.

Am I salty enough now?

Probably not as much as @onealfa is, but at least I can say I have an experience of a few years in crypto and one year in crypto equals about three or more in real life.

Do I have any regrets?

You bet I have, but I have scored quite a few accomplishments on the way as well. My crypto experience has been a hell of a ride and I don't regret a second spent in this space. I love crypto and I want to do this for all of my life. I know that for sure.

You know what else I know for sure?

Well, actually what I intuitively know for sure, is that this bull market is far from over and it's gonna melt a lot of faces on the way up. Many of the bears that were calling for close to $20k price targets for Bitcoin in the near future, are gonna be blown by Bitcoin's price performance and alts will follow the path.

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I honestly don't see any point anymore in Bitcoin testing sub $30k levels. It has done that and buying pressure has been strong enough to hold it above the surface of the water, whales have accumulated and the uptrend shall continue. It will continue. I have no doubt about that and I haven't been shaken out of the market.

This post was supposed to be an #askleo one where I should address the question: "where do you see Bitcoin, price wise, by the end of the year?* I realized it's pointless though, thus I decided to address the topic of taking profits and not missing another remarkable bull market.

In 2017 I had absolutely no plan whatsoever and my crypto education was almost non existent, thus I can call myself lucky enough to be still in crypto right now. 2021 is a whole different year and although I have no clue where Bitcoin will be by the end of the year, I do have a clue what to do with my portfolio.

I'm no longer a leaf drifted by the wind, neither exuberant nor too cautious. DCA is on the table and that will be put into play once we claim and consolidate on new ATHs for Bitcoin and alts will replicate BTC's performance. I am perfectly aware I have almost no chance unloading at the exact top, thus DCA seems the best exit strategy.

I am no longer going to buy tops this year and will probably enter the bear market on a pile of cash ready to be buying crypto at a discount before the next halving. What's your strategy for the rest of the bull market?

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What's your strategy for the rest of the bull market?

I'm taking profits the investing in fewer coins.

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