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RE: What Leo Twitter Can Learn From - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

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The downvote feature is underrated. People think that by disagreeing with the rewards on their posts, is an attack against their person far beyond the point of just disagreeing for content you don't think it deserves the rewards it gained. I'm not fond of short content especially when I'm shown a snapshot of how someone can earn so much with a few words compared to other users that really put into some thought into their content. No one is entitled for rewards just because they worked hard for content that may not be relevant to the platform. But at least we need some form of moderation on how rewards are distributed especially for users that can spam out useless garble to fish rewards from the pool.

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I feel like downvoting is an important feature, especially in a decentralized, "un-moderated" world.
If something is low quality/low effort, wrong topic, fake/plagiarism it should not get any rewards and that's exactly what downvotes are meant for.

What I don't like is seeing downvotes simply because somebody does not agree with the conclusions of an article but in the end, it's everybody's own decision what to (down-)vote and what not.

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does not agree with the conclusions of an article

It also follows that one wouldn't want the idea they dislike to get praised/rewards. I don't do that kind of downvoting though. It's either one is a spammer, plagiarist, scammer, or uses their alts to bypass the milking system that's already too loose to even bother being crafty. We need downvote tools because that's the only measure we have against the spammers and plagiarists that are bound to appear whenever there's money in the platform.

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