Hit Champion League Quickly This Season, Can We Make It Near The Top???

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Hi All!

I wanted to follow-up on my video series "Road to Champion League" that was featured in the last season of Splinterlands. This season I hit Champion League much quicker with 9 days remaining to be in fact!! I just got done with a little session just now, after dipping back below into diamond, but worked my way back up into Champion again.


I have started a city of DCity, and have moved some of my funds over there, but have kept my deck and am still selling cards from my 110 pack unpacking. I have a great deck overall, my only weakness is in the low tier mana pools which I am getting better working with what I have in, but it is still hard. I hope that I am able to push through and make it into Champion League II or even I this time!

I am going to try and make it into II or I leagues and will keep you updated on how that goes, and i will bring you a video of playing at the Champion League level for you next time! Thanks again for all the support and stay tuned for a Champion League level video soon, as well as any good reward videos I am able to make, and also I am planning a giveaway soon too so stay tuned!

One Luv,

Adam DaBeast

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