On The Investment Train w/ Big LeoFinance Power-Up, DCity, and Building Up My Passive Income!

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Yes! I am excited to be on the Investment Train with Yall! I know it is going to be a fantastic journey, and I am looking forward to it! This is why I love this community so much, as it creates motivation to better yourself and the community! I feel this is the best community to do it with as everyone is so friendly, helpful & motivating and I have seen the best results from it too!

For my investment, I did a nice power-up of Leo of over 150 to now 400. This month is where I started to really use LeoFinance, and have managed to power up to 400 already, and my goal is to hit 500 at least this month. Then moving forward every month I want to not only continue this but also build on it! Trying to increase by at least 100 additional power more than the past month, so next month my goal will be to power up at least 600 more! I feel that this is more than reasonable, as the increased power leads to the higher author and curator rewards that I plan on putting back into my account. In addition, I hopefully have built up more connections with people on here by then, which is a main goal of mine!


In addition to LeoFinance, I have put a lot of time and effort into my DCity now! I am absolutely loving it, and have fun building it out! I am getting a daily Hive payout being in the top 200, and almost into the top 100 cities, and get almost 1500 SIM coming my way daily! I plan on continuing to build this out too!


Finally, I have gotten into some other wonderful investment opportunities here on Hive with the Brocoin Brofund, Archon Miner, and SPInvest Token. It is important to create many forms of passive income and revenue streams, and this is a great way to do so!

I plan to stay consistent here and continue to build up my investment, but I also love being on here & have a great time connecting with you all! So I hope I can continue to grow relationships and connect with everyone! Thanks so much!


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A great writeup and good to see people realizing the potential of all that is being offered on Hive here. The different projects are really presenting a grand opportunity for people above and beyond blogging/vlogging.

It all adds up and can change lives.

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Thanks for the beer.

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Hey @taskmaster4450le, here is a little bit of BEER from @adamdabeast for you. Enjoy it!

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just powered up all my hive engine tokens too exception the Silver because i dont even know who neo is lol

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