More Blockchain Gaming Investment Opportunities To Come

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There'll be an ever increasing amount of opportunities to invest in blockchain gaming over the foreseeable future, all you have to do is keep an open mind.

That and keep your eyes peeled for opportunities as they pop up! That said, there's a whole cohort of blockchain users here on HIVE that have been witness to and participated in these opportunities first hand thanks to games like Splinterlands, Dcity, Holybread, RisingStar, Rabona, Crypto Brew Master, Exode, etc..


Massive Growth In Blockchain Gaming

This is a bit of a humble brag but I want to use it as an example of the type of opportunities that exist and that will continue to emerge as the traditional gaming industry is disrupted.

This Alien Worlds mining rig is worth apx $375 at current market value, in total I think I originally paid about $15 for these 3 cards.

  • Gasrigged Extractor - $72 USD
  • Large Explosive - $242 USD
  • Power Saw - $62 USD

The Power Saw was actually a gift from @thegoliath, thanks bud, I guess I owe you.

These NFT's plus others were purchased within a few weeks of the game being launched, pretty early. So far it's only the mining aspect of the game has been developed and released, there isn't even a game yet so there loads of time for these assets to potentially increase in value. The game is very much early stages.

It can be tricky to identify which NFT's will be in demand and the lessons I've earned from investing in Splinterlands have helped me here.

With Splinterlands I knew that summoners were an essential part of the game, and always would be. Everyone will need them, and want them, and the players ability to acquire them and level them up would dictate to a degree the level of success they could have in-game.

With Alien Worlds it seemed painfully obvious that mining would be a primary activity at the core of the game that virtually all players will need and want to do as a way of participating in the game to earn NFT's and tokens. It pays to identify assets that have good utility within the game, and add value to the game.


In-Game Tokens

Buy them up early, doesn't have to be a major commitment but these tokens can rise in value significantly. I went through this with Splinterlands DEC rising sharply vs it's original initial value at launch.

Thankfully with Alien Worlds I was able to see a similar opportunity unfold and purchased a bag of TLM at around 5 cents, it's now trading for 67 cents.

Keep You eyes open for these opportunities!

You'll hear this for the next X number of years but it's true, we are all still early! There will be many many more blockchain gaming investment opportunities.

Splinterlands and Alien Worlds are just two example of blockchain games that have been able to innovate and find an initial level of early success, paving the way for more blockchain games to come.


Which Blockchain are leading the way?

This is taken from where I've sorted the top blockchain games being tracked here by number of users. More users equals more value through network effect.

  • HIVE
  • WAX
  • Thundercore

There are a bunch of games emerging on Thundercore, admittedly a blockchain I don't know much about, but happy to explore in a future post.

I would also be keeping an eye on BSC and MATIC to emerge with more games in the near future.

Which Blockchain Games Have You Invested In?

Always interested to know where people are investing, let me know.

Ciao for now,



I was surprised seeing how high TLM has rising, been good to sell lots off and stake them to earn small bits of extra WAX. No real need to owe me mate, good you kept the items and kept it all mining which I wish I never sold mine off but I withdrew the money due to prices haha.

Still making a daily TLM of 5 or so which is still a couple $ Australian. Koloblok is getting me about 10 WAX most days too.

how are you earning with Koloboks, selling the nft's on market? or through staking on rplanet or something?

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I sell the NFT's on simple market.
But I am getting 2 epics most times out of the 5 slots I have unlocked.

Back when everything was cheaper I unlocked the slots, also before they brought in the big resting time I had gotten to like 140 kolobloks and a lot had stealth of .80 and up.

So I do the fox adventure all the time, stealth is at .96 or so and gives a 53% chance roughly to win and take the hit of losing a few, but keep breeding more haha.

I've been invested in Splinterlands since before the battles started. I tried Cryptobrewmaster but got out of it as soon as my earnings reached the minimum withdrawal amount of 1000 CBM. I also play Rising Stars.

Splinterlands was the only one I was in right at the beginning and that gives a big advantage I think.

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Steem Monsters OG! was fun times, I remember maxing a death team only to later find out they were the worst splinter in game.. oops.

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Games on encrypted networks are a very good opportunity to make a passive income

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you know i tend not to think of gaming as passive income, it's pretty active many times, unless it's been automated or something.

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It would be nice to play some more crypto-paying games, but if they are cumbersome (requiring image captcha every time you make a transaction) they get played less. And, the issue is with bots and whales is always there. Not everyone can buy in to lead and reap the rewards.

completely agree, low friction is good and helps retain players. wax cloud wallet has been a good experience for me so far, not to mention some smooth hive keychain implementations as well.

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I started blockchain gaming on EOS, with EOS racing (now abandoned), Chain Clash, and crypto Dynasty. I really only play crypto dynasty anymore.

Then I found splinterlands and love that game, and found alienworlds before the hype as well.

I also stake all my cards on rplanet and play koloboks too, for the sole purpose of staking at rplanet.

So what new game do you think is up and coming? I kind of monitor to see if a new game is having growth or not, but hasn't been much new lately? what do you think?

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I'm invested in rplanet. But I got kicked out of top 1000 aether a month ago and probably wont afford to make it back in ever. The rplanet crowds are scary and loud. They make big bet on random NFT projects. If the project is listed on rplanet, they'll make a lot of aether. The alien worlds crowd is much quieter and made of bots mostly. TBH, the rplanet will become rank #1 game if it gets the binance treatment.