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RE: Coinbase Does It Yet Again!

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I see we both covered this news today but with slightly different takes.

I think its good news for crypto but like you pointed out overall the total value is relatively small. So I think it's more of a win for employees that participate in the programs. 5% not enough?

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5% is a decent amount if every 401k gets on board. Who knows if that will happen or not. What's funny though is 401k companies now telling you what you can and can't do with your funds lol another reason why 401ks are dying. It's really up to each person now to work on their own finances and stop trying to rely on the government. It NEVER works out. Issue with that though is as we can see people are VERY short sighted with their finances.

Absolutely, and that's a sentiment that is shared by more and more people. We dont have 401k here but have an equivalent and I have 2 friends in their late 30's that have just cashed it because they believe they can do better with self-investing. And they have done will investing so I have no doubt they've made the right choice. How times are changing!

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