Rabona - first review for this year

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sometimes ago, I've presented some of the blockchain games I play, with the purpose to gain a financial benefit from them. Today I want to go deeper into Rabona, the football manager game.

I've started playing Rabona, around 9 weeks ago and now I can tell a little more about the game.


I've started somewhere before season 5 has started and did play a little with players and contracts. During this time I've build up the stadium and the surrounding facilities. I've upgraded most of the buildings at start, also the ones that I did not need upgrading. Of course this was a mistake, as this buildings cost me in maintenance every game some RBN. RBN being the official Rabona currency.


I will not go into the game mechanism of Rabona. Rather I would describe a little the financial aspect of it. I'm in the lowest league, but still make around 500k RBN each season without to much effort. This are around 20 Hive each season at current market rates. Sometimes I even don't log in for days, but if you want to increase your profits it is good to check and submit a team once in a while as the more you win, the more fans you get and this are the ones that will bring you the money.

On the Stadium tab, the different prices can be adjusted and the bigger the fan base, the higher the price one can ask for tickets and merchandise at the stadium from team scarfs to food. Also the capacity plays a role. Here a fine tweak is needed as the higher one plays the more fans it has and the more it can ask for better and lucrative prices. My friend, @uwelang plays in the top league and has a decent RBN stack.

I'm trying to save RBNs wherever I can, mostly on the players as they are a real high cost in the game.I sign up new players that are trained. I try to sell them when the contract expires and get new ones again for a cheaper price. Like this I can build up the income and focus on the investments. The stadium is the best investment as it brings the most money at home games. Also the parking and the hotel are good income generators.

Now comes the interesting part. People are dumping to much RBN, but according to @rabona, the roadmap is real interesting. Rabona will develop into a DeFi with a real economy, when the banks and shares in teams will appear.

Banks in Rabona will pay interest on the deposit RBN and shares into the teams will pay dividends. This is genius as players can create their own tokens for their teams, something like the big players in football have.

This is the interesting part of the game and why I see Rabona as a good investment for the next months at least.

So, are you on Rabona?

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Thx for the mention - I just made 1 million RBN with a noob club and got promoted (not planned) to L2 - it is fun still and I see the more you invest into infrastructure together with middle class playing the more you get rewarded finally.

This is still true even I throw a lot RBN out of the window for useless scouted players (and forget to sign when I found some good players) as well as for healing injured players (do that usually straight away when they are important).

Oho, I have very weak players but still manage to win most of the games. I never heal as I let them heal. I will play 4-5 seasons more like this,till break even and then I will try a promotion.

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Good luck mate - sometime I have players left so if you need a certain type I can take a look what i have in stock for you.

Great game and great things are coming our way. Next we'll see the Tournaments and afterwards the Bank feature. That is one that I am waiting for another income stream and quite passive I believe. The game grows steadily, is improving and has some great math and finance to it.

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