Low Hashrate GPU's are in the Market

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It was just yesterday when I was talking about the Global Shortage of Graphics Cards that we are currently witnessing and how the majority of the people blame the Cryptocurrency Miners for all the shortage so some companies like GALAX started to manufacture Low Hashrate GPU's.

So What's a Low Hashrate GPU?

Simply speaking a Low Hashrate GPU will give you about half the Hashrate when you mine Ethereum a Normal GPU gives you. Plus when you buy a GPU it will have no visual indicators if that is a normal GPU of a Low Hashrate one. So if you are a Miner and you are looking to buy a brand new GPU there is quite the risk to it as if you get a Low Hashrate GPU the profitability of your Mining Rig kind of halves in an instant.


Now, as far as I could understand by watching a lot of reviews and articles it seems that the Low Hashrate GPUs block some Drivers to be installed as part of the GPU plus it also seems that the Hashrate has been blocked on the BIOS level.

So is it over for the Mining Community?

Yes, the situation does look dire but I feel like it will be normal within a couple of months as I am quite sure there are a lot of guys who are way smarter than me trying to figure out how to counter this Low Hashrate situation and they might come out with a Crack for this soon.

On the flip side if these Low Hashrate GPUs work as they have planned then the Global Shortage of GPUs should fix itself and if it doesn't then the guys who were blaming the Miners will have no other choice but to question the Companies what was actually happening.


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