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One question nagged at me the whole week: Does Coinbase hold Bitcoin in their treasury?


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DeFi Top Stories

  • Mist NFT — The Adventure Awaits
    Before reading, feel free to check out the Mist video trailer and join us on Twitter: Mist is a blockchain-based action RPG game centered around NFTs, Staking, and Farming. The Mist team will be releasing information about the game and platform little by little.

  • Fantom becomes pilot partner for Orion Wallet Swap SDK, enabling users access to Orion liquidity directly from their wallet
    Orion Wallet Swap SDK allows users of third party crypto wallets the ability to access Orion’s liquidity via a swap widget directly integrated within the wallet’s interface. With traders increasingly storing their assets in wallets, why not remove any friction and allow decentralized trading of assets directly from users' wallet of choice? By integrating multiple blockchains in one platform, Orion Protocol gives users more freedom to transact across the crypto sphere. Furthermore, Orion is developing a number of enterprise liquidity solutions on the protocol, including Orion Wallet Swap SDK. Orion seeks to solve the fragmentation of crypto markets, NFTs marketplaces, and assets from traditional finance by eventually aggregating them into one place: Orion Terminal.

  • PsyOptions Weekly Update
    Now that we have the Serum functionality in a great place, we are adding support for the major wallets.

  • Inside The Bakery 11: DOUGHpamine
    PieVaults employ multiple active strategies such as staking, lending, and yield-farming, using a unique strategy for each individual asset within the PIE. The new program actually means less DOUGH issuance long-term, benefiting all DAO members! Thank you for being part of the PieDAO community!

  • v0.2 — Mobile Ready
    MehowBrains and TheHodlgraph (ex-buzzfeed producer) are knee-deep into architecting a new community-driven outbound marketing initiative, designed to create-original-content-and-repurpose community-created content into marketing landing pages/funnels for distribution into the masses. It was imperative that the website could prove its effectiveness as users consumed both internal and external content. TheHodlgraph and MehowBrains’s outbound marketing plan includes new methods to listen-for community-created content, to be fitted in the .org properties. On average users performed 2.6 external click events via 79K event clicks by 31K users.

  • The Uniswap v3 Supervisor, Visor Vault Upgrade and introduction of Protocol Revenue to VISR Stakers
    If we assume that Visor manages just 3.5% of the top 15 pairs liquidity, that represents about $100M of liquidity. Because of the engineering of Unswap v3, participants will be able to enter our liquidity mining program with a single asset, rather than needing both sides of the pair. Building on 🦄 v3.Interact with DeFi protocols through an NFT Vault enhancing the discovery, reputation, safety and programmability of on-chain liquidity.

  • Complete Guide to Yield Farm on BSC
    This is a guide on how to yield farm on BSC and an overview of DeFi on BSC. This assumes you are already familiar with yield farming and DeFi on Ethereum.





DeFiniteley recommend reading those, if you want to stay up-to-date :)

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