As Crypto Rallies, Hive Seems to Be Lagging Behind | Should We Worry?

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A few posts here and there on Hive lately have talked about the price of HIVE not following along with the rest of the crypto bull market.

In this market, we've seen currencies like BTC and ETH and many DeFi coins rise as much as 50-500% - showing a rally that is not quite as crazy as 2017, but somewhere in the middle of that and a traditional market.

There is no doubt that crypto is maturing.

There is also no doubt that crypto is still young.

As we move from crypto youth to crypto maturity, we're going to see many coins get more popular and stable in price.

As a Hive Trader, Here's What I'm Waiting For

Crypto is rallying but we aren't yet seeing it spill over into Hive. Hive is not an edge case, but rather the case that many other cryptos find themselves in at the moment.

Amidst a bull market, some win and some lose. Oftentimes, it happens at varying intervals.

As an active HIVE trader and a semi-active (but not that active) Hive user, I think we'll see HIVE rally in the coming 6 weeks.

The reason why is based majorly on spillage from other assets. I believe that people are participating in massive ETH/BTC based gains and those gains have yet to spill over into smaller altcoins like HIVE that have a real use case and a real pump potential.

These things happen in cycles and I know that HIVE's pump cycle is coming. Right now, it's a matter of waiting. As for me, I've accumulated quite a lot of HIVE on the exchange (in the 5 figure range and nearing 6 figures by the time this rally happens in the next 6 weeks) and am getting ready for the massive pump cycle that will run from ETH/BTC back down into alts like HIVE.

This is not financial advice, DYOR. I'm just a trader who's been in crypto for a while and know a good pump when I see one.

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Well I think it's still early days to be worried. To be honest, the green has not spread all across board.
It's still the majors like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Defi and most top 20 that are doing well. Those down the ladder haven't really gotten into the bull run spirit. I think there's time for Hive and a lot of other tokens to grow.

Yes exactly, there are plenty of people who are just waking up to the bull run and many still who haven't even realized that crypto is capable of another run. Early days indeed and Hive has real use case and a short-history of pumping to $1

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I can't say much about the effect of other markets on hive, but the way gaming is growing on hive, I reckon its only a matter of time before a really big game comes along and blows the roof off.

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Gaming is huge. I don't play games much but the potential is there for sure. We're in the early stages of this bull run and the trickledown effects will come soon enough!

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It's hard to try and predict market cycles, much less when you are a coin that's on the lower end of the top 100 (currently off the top 100 for Hive unfortunately) but we will eventually make some progress. I'm hoping that we can garner some great support and financial success to help foster the development of the chain into what we want it to be, rather than just putting the carrot on the stick and guiding people along hoping it happens.

I think we're seeing some good developments for Hive. I admittedly don't pay that much attention to core developments and focus more on trading Hive on the exchanges, but I still can see the progress this chain makes. Compared to other coins out there, Hive is light years ahead.

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I agree that it is ahead but enough for others to notice and buy a bunch of it? That is yet to be determined, sometimes!

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As long as the price of HIVE tracks the price of STEEM, there's more going than meets the eye.

With the risk of Steemit Inc doing god knows what with their majority stake, surely there should be a price mismatch when you start to evaluate risk.

We've just gotta be patient and let this one fully play out...

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