RUNE - Network Instability as Multi-Chain Chaos Net Launches

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The launch of Thorchain mainnet - which includes the introduction of 6 native blockchain tokens - has been one of the most anticipated events for the DeFi space and especially the Thorchain project.

Most people got into RUNE for the sole expectation of this event. Waiting for native crypto trading and pooling to go live.

For the first time ever, you can now pool and swap in native coins with decentralization, robust protocol dynamics and a passionate community developing new features in the background.

Multi-Chain Chaosnet is called chaos for a reason:

Pending TXs Stuck on Thorchain

The chain has launched today and there is definitely chaos already unfolding.

This is to be expected and Thorchain continually states that in the early stages of launch, you should pool and trade with small amounts. Allow the kinks to be worked out so the protocol can mature before using real funds.


Another important thing to bear in mind is that the protocol itself is still safu. Keeping funds safu is the #1 priority but that doesn't mean quirks won't happen - i.e. TXs getting stuck in limbo.

Let chaos reign supreme until we all make our way to Valhalla.

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good to know thx
whats the best course of action for someone new getting in to thorchain right now? Im not especially good at dealing with awkward technicalities so do you think its best to hold off for a bit and wait for things to get ironed out?

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Well, everyone needs chaos, because from chaos comes a lot of learning, so it is better to wait for the initial phase to pass and enter maybe in 2 days.

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I've been watching MCCN and still building my Bepswap position. Going to wait till the bugs get ironed out, and build long term positions.

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Lost some funds too but hey, deep inside, I feel we're all getting some airdrops for trying the chaosnet, and now, Thorswap. Knowing that these funds are not lost but just stuck feels even better.

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