Tik Tokers Foray into Crypto as New Dogecoin Challenge Attracts Opportunists

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Dogecoin is on an absolute tear as the Tik Tok community rallies the price during the Dogecoin challenge.

"It seems like people are eager to speculate at the moment -- and we have all this stimulus in the system and all that stimulus is going to investments,” Greenspan said by phone. “It would make sense that a lot of this is coming from the retail market.”

Crypto Twitter veterans warn against market manipulation and following FOMO:

Don't Fall Prey to the Pump and Dump

We can easily check this chart in 2 days and with 99% certainty, I can tell you that DOGE will get cut in half (at least) from where it is currently trading.

The problem with rampant speculation is that it is all unpredictable and people tend to get left holding a bag that they didn't anticipate.

The common saying in investing these days is DYOR. Always make sure to stay informed and stay hyper active in the process of finding and evaluating your investments.

I am personally not buying any DOGE nor do I plan on doing it at any time in the near future. I'll stick to the tried and tested BTC and HIVE. W

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