Financial Freedom

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If you ask most people what their greatest fears are you may get a multitude of answers. Taxes, death, illness may be included. However, loss of income may be at the top of this list.

If the last six months is any indication of the state of the economy look no further then the loss of income for millions of people. Add a scorching virus and you have a recipe for the perfect storm.

For many this may have been there first foray onto the unemployment line. Some are still waiting for their check (Hello EDD). Having been both wealthy and poor I understand the two sides of the equation. And trust me when I say being financially free is way better.

I would like to paint a pleasant picture for the legacy economy. Unfortunately it would be dishonest of me to do so. All interventions via central banks and governments will have consequences. In order for you to receive you must give.

Taking to shore up “chosen” companies/banks via bailouts/QE/NIRP etc. will have unintended consequences. Passing laws that favor the politically connected at the expense of the tax payer will be accounted for.

I would hope for a day when people see that there is a better way. Currently people are now realizing all the cracks in the existing legacy system. And soon they will look for a better way. A way that doesn’t involve debt or continuous market intervention.

Free markets still exist here on the blockchain. Just remember there are no right or wrong answers. Financial freedom is here and it is where I will reside.

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