Spent Last 1 Hour Hunting Plagiarism On Leofinance - I found myself a new job

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I've never had a real job and I honestly don't plan on getting one. For the last one hour I think, I just experienced just what Working is like, mann, it's damn stressful, but when it's for a good cause, it's always worth it.

OK, while scrolling through leofinance.io interface in search of articles to read and leave a comment. I stumbled on an article from a newbie, I was really excited to read through it and support it with an upvote, a comment, and a reblog perhaps. On opening the article, I found it really long, damn I was impressed at first even before reading it. It was damn 10 mind read and I just didn't know if to read from the top or the bottom, lol. Suddenly I noticed something weird, the article had no images and for an article so long, you'd wonder why a writer wouldn't add images to make it much presentable. It all seemed fishy so I immediately copied the link and logged into my Smallseotools, I dropped it on a plagiarism checker, and guess what? It was 98% plagiarized! The 2% unique is probably his name.


Here's the link to the post.


I left a comment for him with a link to the site the article was stolen from. I also had to do some background check up and I discovered all his articles are stolen, on each of them I also left an identical comment with the link to source stolen from.

download (11).jpeg

So this is a random internet image where a girl looks all bad, and I finna borrow this and add to my new "plagiarism spotted" comment from now on. This image will be attach to a certain comment that will only be pasted on plagiarized contents on leofinance.io from today. Each time I spot a plagiarized content, I'll leave this behind, and I'd like to know which of the community members I can mention in my comments so that these set of people can be taken care of, but of course in a sweet manner 😉

Here's something else I also discovered along the line, @ahmedkhan1723 of whom plagiarized today with over 5 posts published in one day, is only following one person who also follows him and that person is @thefoodlords. Why am I bringing this up? Well they say show me your friend and I'll tell you who you are, so when I head over to his blog, I noticed something similar to @ahmedkhan1723, I ran a plagiarism check on two posts from him too, both were stolen!

Here's one of which @onealfa.leo may have unknownly Curated as a support to a newbie.


It's likely the same person here or maybe just another friend in the game...

People say I meddle in what ain't my business, but lol I do what I do because am a badbitch! I won't watch the bad ones milk rewards from the system, it's just not fair for the Unique users putting in time and hard work to present perfection.


So without any more words, watch out for Leofinance Plagiarism Watcher
@badbitch, your best friend, but an enemy to content thieves.

bitch out

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You did a marvelous job.
I want to support your efforts.
Can we make a deal - for each new found plagiator I promise you my rich upvote,
and personally my 5 liquid LEO as a gift.
This way your time spend in searching system milkers may be rewarded in a small degree.
Make those bad boys all revealed.



Read how this all have started with Toruk

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That is a wonderful gesture! There is an old proverb:

You shall not muzzle an ox when it is treading out the grain.

It is wonderful that you are helping out the @badbitch to keep our community free of plagiarism and the like!

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Thank you so much, am much glad to help in any way I can.

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I have all the time in the world for it, it will only take few clicks to get my results all compiled. And I'd do anything for a community as supportive as this, it's gonna be a joy ride...

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Congratulations badbitch for this initiative and to onealfa for this generous commitment.

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I have literally gotten a job damn. Am taking this deal with open arms Sir 🤲

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Congratulations. This effort is highly deserving of some payroll benefits.

Congratulations on your promotion :-) Something I do wonder, since hive accounts are anonymous how can you check if the original author isn't re-posting his own work but with his anonymous account..

Just curious how that works and how one would go about to prevent a false positive flag. Good luck with your new found job!

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If he owns the article he could have placed a complaint, but he clearly isn't the original author, so there's no two words about it.

Plus the articles he publishes are from different websites and different authors!

Yeah, I'm with you in this case don't get me wrong. The response shows it all. Just meant in general, there might be cases where it's not as obvious although it seems to be wrong at first sight?

Having the articles come from different sites and authors is a dead give away indeed haha, caught red handed. Keep up your good work!

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That's an awesome deal.

The power of Toruk doesn't only enrich others by upvotes, there's still a lot of power left to prevent theft, scam and plagiarism to keep the community fresh and clean. Awesome!

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Is it possible for me to help as well? I would love to create a better LEO community, and it seems like this is a great thing to do to do that!

Love the LEO community, it has so many diverse and generous people!

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Well done on spotting this. It happens a lot as people try to make a quick buck for no work. I see he's not making anything, but some big accounts did give him votes. They need to be more careful.

I have been downvoting abuse here for years. It can be a thankless task and sometimes you get retaliation, but it is necessary to make Hive a better place.


Thanks, what has to be done has to be done. The retaliation is not really bothering me tho...

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There is a Discord channel where we highlight abuse on Hive. You are welcome to join us.


Alright Sir, joining right away!

Hey @badbitch, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

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Great job! Leo finance would attract the plagiarists. Wait, I hope this comment is original content...

Hahaha, you want me to run it on a checker? You ready to see if you're clean? 😅

Very good initiative! It would be nice if a plagiarism checker could be implemented in the Leofinance interface itself.

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Well if done properly it would be nice, or else we'd have bots removing everyone's randomly

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This may come across really weird but you gotta understand I do not say the B word—E-Ver. No other word is off-limits. You, young lady... you's a bad female dog mmmkay!

Congrats on the new gig.

Well done. Dropped a few downvotes on their stuff for good measure :D

Appreciate it 🤜🤛

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hahahaha f u guys

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You've been scamming with various accounts for years. I'd say Fuck you loser....

Wow, so that's how you spot them, Case Closed, book 'em!

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Not closed yet, until every single one of them goes down 😅

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That's a good way of kicking some fakers here in hive/Leo. The mistake that the author did was copying very long content. Even I will think fishy because it's not easy to do that or to write that long and wrote it well.

Good thing you did a moved right away. Very well done.

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Thank you, it was even weirder as no images were included so it was then easy to draw a conclusion but of course with a background check up.

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sounds like non-fun, but useful way to kill time. sad that there are no automatism implemented in blogging-pages, a single human is probably not enough to keep up even on a single site

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Automation by the use of AI robots has been tried in the past. It caused more problems than it solved. This is a meme I made back in the old STEEM days about the cheetah bot.

Leo Finance

Many folks cross-post their content to other platforms in order to gain more exposure for HIVE. The automaton accounts were not able to discern the situation correctly. It became a nightmare for those that administered the bot to correct erroneous flags/downvotes.

You are right. A single human will not be able to keep up alone. That is why it is the responsibility of everyone to discourage the type of behavior discussed in this article. I am for policing ourselves. It is effective.

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Thanks a lot. TORUK visited now both these bad boys

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Yeah good job sir...@onealfa.leo

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Hell yes!

I've done this so many times during my years here! Fuck plagiarism. It's disgusting the way people think they can steal something and earn money as if it's theirs.

Go get em, you bad bitch! 🤣

Hahaha, look at me walk into the room leaving trails of flame so no one can decide to follow them as though they are liable to get burned! 🤣🤣🤣

Every single plagiarist will be caught!

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You're a really bad bitch :D

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Thanks 🙂🤲

This makes you a damn good @badbitch! 😁🙏

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The "good" is always there, not everyone sees it but it's there 😅

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One day, everyone will. 🤞🤞

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Good work. Yeah, in our effort to show support to newbies we sometimes get bamboozled. It has happened to me.

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Sure, but do we need to get bamboozled? The technology is available. I feel that the problem would be in the cost of technology. Is there a way to, let's say, hit the publish button, run the article through scanners, and if the content is greater than a percentage of plagiarism then it gets rejected?

Creators whose content gets rejected can then either challenge the rejection or alter their content to remove or reduce the percentage applied. A separate funded group can evaluate it perhaps and allow it through. I'm just brainstorming at this point. I'm not sure how practical it would be.

I've had two papers in my Master's degree program rejected following submission for such a determination. I referenced direct quotes of questions from my assignment in these papers and that's what the system flagged. The end result is that I had to re-write the questions.

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Like something similar to "read.cash" bot that kicks off contents already spotted on the internet.

Well that was a smart move tho, but somehow I feel Hive users should be taught how to stand out and be unique, we shouldn't really need a bot harassing us and our publications.

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No doubt. You're correct. Perhaps that's not the best approach. I've seen a handful of posts where people were downvoted (DV), but their DV was reverse when the cited error was corrected. So, yeah, I'll fall to your wisdom on that one. I'd still like to see at least an INFO ONLY tech here that could advise us on potential plagiarism, just not something that automatically takes action against the poster.

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Thanks. It's only natural, I know it's not an easy job to keep an eye on everything, so I'll be there to give a hand out where I can

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Great. Time for some flagging and sooner than latter @onealfa will start kicking some asses. I'm amazed he hasn't sniffed them already. He's usually the sharp eye of this community.

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He's really dedicating his time for the community, it's just amazing all that he's doing.

I just got to contribute where I can

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non of them is copied from a user u bad ass. can u tell me the name of a person from whome my contents r copied u cant. so keep ur mouth shut and clean ur fickin arc

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My friendly suggestion.

If you are right on your claim then prove it. She has proven otherwise, though.

Plagiarizers don't go very far on Leo and other platforms on Hive.

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Why are you mad? I left you a comment on your post, you should go reply that and not come here to show your shameless self!

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Plagiarism is not welcomed on Leofinance and nor this type of language. Watch out...

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You'd be spending a lot of time reviewing articles and individually checking them for plagiarism. It might suck to read any article if you tried to tackle it all by yourself.

I wonder if you could up that efficiency by accessing the Hive database. Certain data tables display what the user wrote in their article. You could copy/paste them quickly into your plagiarism checker for a faster evaluation.

  • Your work brings the attention of monitoring groups
  • Attention to curators
  • Attention to the content creators

With your efforts and attention, you can bring the HIVE admin's can develop a tool that auto-checks your work for plagiarism. The technology is out there. I have to use one at school and submit it with my assignments a while back. Now, when I submit my work, it's automatically checked for grammar and plagiarism. I imagine it's what we'd have to do eventually to raise the value of the coin. Who wants to invest in a platform that can't control the value of its content?

Finally, maybe you can do a compilation article

  • Presenting those articles you cited for plagiarism.
  • Authors that have improved in their performance
  • Authors that continue to violate.

Ms. @badbitch, I do believe you have started the beginnings of a value-empire that can change the face and value of HIVE.

Finally, perhaps with the monitoring groups, you can make such a project come to life where the system actively scans article posts upon selecting "PUBLISH". You've really got something here.

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Thank you @scholaris.leo I did think of bringing all abusers in one post like today's piece. It really won't be much work as though I'd be focusing on one interface, I couldn't possibly dig the entire Hive chain, nah that's not a job for one person.

However, I do realize when am reading a fishy content, to be honest, I didn't even read half way when I decided to scan through then drop it on a plagiarism checker.

But the idea of creating a post specifically for it would be cool.

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I don't think it's just cool. I think it's genius. I read constantly for work, school, and personal time. Regarding the HIVE blockchain, I don't recall reading a compilation post citing plagiarism. Heck, I don't know that any one interface or token actually covers it in detail in a published blog.

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I appreciate it. I guess we'll have it started on Hive, when people are publicly exposed they tend to adjust quicker and others will definitely learn from it I suppose.

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Yeah, there's a lot of reasons why someone would present an article that way. Not all are nefarious. It could be a simple misunderstanding of expectations. What I have seen though, is that if you uphold a standard, then people are likely to follow through with it.

HIVE, however, isn't a small class whose grammar and plagiarism checks can be automated with high accuracy. A lot of people apparently do what you suggest though I have to write your method appears the most effective and, sadly, underutilized.

I see a lot of downvotes cast on a majority of articles with no explanation. Your presentation is a solid attempt and would change things for the better.

I guess so because I did notice something while trying to compare the results. I noticed some duplicates all over, where the same article is posted in like 5 different websites but different authors.

I guess someone might feel it's right just because it's been done out there. But it's not right, most of those other websites are news forums and most times they have copyright agreements, but the open world may not necessarily care about that. But when it comes to Hive where you're making more off this things, you have got to understand that copying everything from word to word is not just acceptable, and judging from how he spammed the community with over 5 articles in the time span of three hours, it was clear he knew what he was doing and right now you can spot his downvote on my posts which proves he's of no good,if he wasn't aware then he would be pleading right now.

They will all be down because it's just not fair for the Unique and hard working users on the platform.

Your argument is just and sound. There's no counter to what you've described. Ascribing "no good" as a moniker is legitimate. Also, your description is easily verifiable so others can come to the same conclusion. Yours is a solid strategy with value.

What we need, if it exists, is a founding central strategy on HIVE unless it already exists applicable to plagiarism. Something everyone can reference. I'd love to take that up after finals are over next week. If I want to learn about Leo, for instance, I just check out their library for the basics. Everything else I learn afterward comes from individual articles people write. Is there something that exists regarding plagiarism?

You're also correct that it isn't fair to those who work hard to create content here.

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Uhm, if you're talking about an Article explaining what plagiarism is and how not to fall a victim, I pretty much never Come across any!

I think it'd be nice to write one Article that could be added to leopedia so that new users can understand how not to be caught in the act.

On a publication where one is making money off, it is always very crucial that things of this nature are taken care off, If some kind of investigation should be done on Hive I believe a lot of users will be caught and sued, most may not be aware that it was wrong tho.

It's just as risky as copying another company's trademark and placing it on your own products up on sale, that company could pretty much Bill you of everything you have.

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Such a great tool to keep the platform clean. I was glad you did catch the blockchain theif. The site was also helpful.

I made a check on my latest post and I was shocked at first as I got 6% plagiarism with 96% unique. Did a lil research and found out that less than 15% is a normal blog standard bla bla . was scared at first 😱 ..

I’ll try to be doing more of this on the hive blockchain with each post I read and comment on.

Keep up the good work sis👍👍

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Yeah, it's a really nice tool, I believe most people here know of it or maybe not. I use it most of the time, you can determine if it's really plagiarized when you compare the results to the post.

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As Leo gets more popular it's going to attract a lot more freeloaders. This is definitely needed.

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Hehehe, thanks for this. The GIF is really catchy

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Sounds like a really good job to have. We need people doing stuff like this on the chain. You should point these out to the hivewatch group and hiveflagrewards. Get them on the list to be noticed so they can't milk any of the other tribes either.

Thanks for sharing.

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I just had the time to care for the chain. Oh OK, I'll see how to go about that..

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I used to do that sort of thing for the SPORTS tribe. It was definitely a lot of work. I shared your post with the one group that I have contact with.

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Thanks, I really appreciate you growing the publicity of my post

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For sure! Never a problem!

Thankfully we have not seen a great deal of plagiarism within the LEO Community. I like your approach. It seems to follow this flow of response from what I can see.

  • FIRST TIME: Warned.
  • SECOND TIME: Shame on you plagiarizing!
  • THIRD TIME: Consequences!

I commend you on your forensic skills! Also for initially providing your time with no expectation of remuneration for your efforts.

You are, indeed, a bad bitch (compliment)!

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Such kind words makes me wanna feel all good again, but I gotta keep it bad hehehe... I really appreciate all the support am getting on this matter.

The community will always come together to stand up against what ever will reduce its value, that is what I've come to learn so far here.

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Congrats on finding a job!!

Here are two BAD bitches (Shanti & Flame) who are very GOOD friends I utterly adore:

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Thanks, but I hope they don't bite as much as I do? 😅

Ha ha, clearly they do NOT!

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Great job!

Not sure how exact the plagiarism checker is, even though it's easy to spot that there is plagiarism. I mean, I just used the same tool for the LeoFinance article I have ranked on google:

  • 13% Plagiarism & 87% Unique.

That plagiarism in that case is 2 different things. One of them leads to publish0x where I published the article as well, so I can understand that it's being flagged for plagiarism. The other result points to the actual article on leofinance.. So I wouldn't trust that checker entirely, even though it's obviously a superb way to spot plagiarism.

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Thanks, yes, you'll know if it's really plagiarized when you compare the options there. I compared all of them and it was all totally scattered. Different blogs, and different writers all brought together.

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I think you've done a superb job, I just want people to understand that it's not "just" to click a button and see if it's plagiarism or not. It takes more than that.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it

Stealing ideas from one person is plagiarism. Stealing ideas from many is research!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Not sure if I agree with that.. An idea is just an idea until it has become a thing, or am I wrong? :)

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I appreciate it🤲

@badbitch let me assist you....winks....

Anyways here is an author who is guilty of plagiarism...I have reported him to hivewatchers and they have blacklisted him and downvoted him...@onealfa.leo you might want to downvote the plagiarized post....you can find the author post here....


The author stole the content from


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They will all be down in no time. I really don't get it why people feel it's OK to take people's contents and make money off it.

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I won't watch the bad ones milk rewards from the system, it's just not fair for the Unique users putting in time and hard work to present perfection.

Totally agree.

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Thank you. It's a service that needs to be done. I appreciate it when you (or anyone) takes the time and effort to knock it out.

Plagiarism is theft. Plain and simple. Thanks for pursuing thieves.

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Thank you for appreciating what I did

Excellent catch, looking forward to see more plagiarizers to be caught.

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Would be cool if you would run through content on other hive platforms as well :)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That would be way too much for me to handle.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Let me know if I can help you in any way .
Maybe I can write a script to check the content , let me know the site you used to get the info .

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Will definitely do that. I used Smallseotools.com

It is unfortunate that we have people in this community plagarising other people's work to create articles, most likely, if not, certainly, to make money. Plagarism is a massive issue: not only does it apply just to the LEO community, but also all publishing website, and not only all publishing websites, but the entire world!

Having people on the LEO community checking other people's work for plagiarism is a great deed to do to create a more diverse and engaging place for crypto people. Not only are you helping the LEO community, but the greater internet community as well by promoting anti-plagarism and keeping the work to those who deserve.

Nice ideas and keep it up!

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Well done for finding these plagiarists. They are fakes and thieves. Notice that the plagiarist just downvoted this post lol. What a fool. He can't even rewrite the post in his own words at least.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

This is very bad for a newbie who want to build his or her account here. Many people think money is easy and do not want to go through the stress of it. I think both names are the same and such person is trying to earn faster which isn't possible here. Good job from you because I must say, it isn't an easy task going from one post to the other to look for plagiarism post.

Cool tool and great catch. I suspect there might be more gold in them that hills

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Thanks for doing this for the community. I can't imagine being a content creator and then get your IP stolen and plagiarised over the internet and then also not knowing about it!

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this tool is sensational, does it allow me to use it and mention you in a post about me adopting these measures also for my Proof of Brain tribe post curation profile?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

You're pretty much allowed to mention me anywhere, just as long as it concerns what I am doing in any form

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Well done to you! As some form of recompense, I would send reports to Hivewatchers when you find them and get them blacklisted. There is so much of this sort of scam going on now prices are higher and the more community members taking a little time out to do this sort of checking, the better. If everyone spent an hour a week hunting scammers, the whole place would be a million times better.
Good luck with the hunting, it does give you the added bonus when you feel the thrill from the 'Gotcha' moment!

PS @onealfa on this post, where there are very close links to the account mentioned in this post, the user is already on Spaminator and you upvoted AND downvoted the post, but leaving a 19 LEO positive balance! Perhaps you may care to remove the upvote and leave it with nothing :-)

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Good job catching the plagiarist and he deserves the downvotes. He does seem mad that you exposed him lol.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Just the name doesn't seem like enough to be 2% unique. Smallseotools.com's checker probably has an error rate and I wouldn't be surprised if it was almost +/- 2%.

Good job @badbitch! I'm a newbie too, but my articles are my own. I do get inspiration on topics from other articles but I don't copy/paste (or spin) content. It's disheartening to hear that others just copy/paste for a quick buck.

Do the accounts get blocked / stopped? On some sites if there are repeat offenders their account is blocked and earnings put "on hold" for a while (and returned to the community after a set period of time). Is it the same on LeoFinance?

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Wow you are doing great work and I appreciate your efforts to make Leo finance an even better place. Plagiarism is very bad and those who found doing it must be kicked out of the platform.

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