First Bull Trade!

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I just had a great trading experience I want to share with you guys (and girls). Well, maybe it won't be too exciting for the big lions with years of trading experience but for some, it may serve as some sort of inspiration for the upcoming bull-run that everyone's been talking about.

Has it started? For me, I think it may have begun with this small but rewarding trade. If we look at the market, it's really green and from what I heard, Bitcoin reached an all-time high today! It's not 20K yet but it could be just a matter of hours.

So, what was your ''great experience'', boi?

In short, I bought 200,000 coins for 0.10 ETH and four days later sold 100,000 of them for 0.14 ETH. I now have 100,000 left and I got back what I invested + 0.04 ETH minus fees which were pretty low at the time of my transactions and resulted in about 0.007 ETH


If we translate what I just told above into human language, it goes like this:

I spent $60 and bought 200 thousand valuables. Four days later I earned 85 bucks for selling only half of them. To make the whole thing happen, I spent a little over $4 and I still have 100 thousand valuables left. Amazing, right?

And what is the mystical coin you're talking about, boi?

If you're into crypto, you may guess which coin this is. Before talking about the coin, I want to say that the purchase of it wasn't spontaneous but it did come at the right moment! I was reading about it a few weeks ago but at that time I didn't have free assets to invest in.

As I got some ETH on my hands, I bought it without second-guessing. Okay, I second-guessed and bought less than I could have but I'm not regretting it. When the price dips further (if it does), I'll probably spend my earnings to get my hands on more of this promising project.

Why did you buy it, boi?

After doing some basic research, I saw that there's a real team behind the project and I also found a pretty active and positive community on both Telegram and Discord. As for the logo and idea, I liked it from the beginning!




Feast Your Eyes!

It's the and the coin is called Digital Reserve Currency!

I won't go into what this coin offers and I won't go shilling it because I know you will do your own research! You're on Leo, it's only possible to get this far by doing some learning about the world and how it operates. I'm glad to be a part of this community where I can share my experiences and be rewarded for it!

All I can say about DRC is that maybe this pump happened because Yahoo finance had an article about DRC. I may be wrong but I'm certainly happy for my gains and I'm excited about the future! And the green market craze! And Leo! Damn, I'm too excited!

Shh..Maybe you have a question for your readers, boi?

Well, thank you for asking! I do have some questions for those who are reading this. What do you think of my operation? Did I do the right thing by selling only half of my coins when I could have sold it all for a big gain?

I guess I don't want to regret it if the price keeps pumping more before I'm able to buy some of those DRC back. What is your opinion? Have you had similar experiences?

Thank you for reading! You are wonderful!


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You got your investment back, and still have half of the coins that you have bought... Why would you regret anything? You took some profits, and that's fine... Now, just try to be calm and not buy them back for a higher price... :) :)


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Hehe, thanks! Yeah, I won't buy back for a higher price :)

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Trading opportunities during bull run are usual positive experiences, but it takes just a turn in order to become negative for the short trader. Still, with some research one could make some good returns out of it. I would like to see more experts in this space posting on LEO Finance as I think we lack such information.

While I am not a good trader by long, I too entered the market buying ETH at $500 and I could exit now making 1-2 ETH profit. But I think that the uptrend will continue and I am looking at least to the $700 target.

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I would certainly like to see more posts about trading experiences because I'm a newbie in this. It would be really lovely for the uptrend to continue and if it happens, I'm down for it! I guess it's not ''if'' but ''when''!

Thanks for reading and trade well!

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You have to really be cheering at such an opportunity that has netted you some nice profit for half the amount you bought.
I miss holding crypto and then selling higher, but right now I got my dCity SIM income and working on my LEO gains as well. Then I can look at trading crypto on the market again.

Biggest problem is holding and being patient to make profits each time if it sits mostly the same price for days. Like you, you held and sold half and these are great experiences!

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Thank you, it's good to hear I did right! I haven't started dCity myself, I'm just brewing some crypto beer, hehe.

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