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This one goes to all the content creators out there. Even those who have no idea they are content creators - all the Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter comment makers and unwilling curators of bad content, this post is written for you!

I even created this gif hoping that it would get your attention! Just a few minutes of your time will be enough for me to show what I found!

Evolution of the internet

There was a time when there was no internet. There was no electricity. No nothing. Okay, maybe our ancestors had their 3rd eyes and they were connected to the collective consciousness like we are to WiFi. Who knows? The point is that everything's changing.

If you wanted to blog 10 years ago, you would have to pay for everything starting from your domain to where your blog is hosted. Ten years forward we're in the 2020th where people are getting paid to blog.

You don't have to invest anything else except your precious time. The time that most people are spending swiping up and down their social media feeds without getting any real rewards except that dopamine rush for getting some likes.

Comment Writers = Content Creators

Many don't realize that writing comments mean producing content but that's how Facebook and other mainstream social media earn their living! People are interested in what others are saying. Some are there to seek information, others to have fun and the ecosystem is booming while users are left with nothing else than an emoji on their posts.

On Leo, your comments can earn your coffee (and more)

Thanks to some recent changes in curation rewards and ongoing initiatives like ''The Initiative of 10'' and others, the engagement rate on the Leo interface of HIVE has gone through the roof! Not only do these posts have many thoughtful comments, those comments get some real nice upvotes!

Personal Examples



As you can see in the screenshots above, these two comments are earning more than 1 LEO each. After the payout, I'll get 50% of that and the other half will go to the upvote. These two are my most recent comments with upvotes but they are far from being the best. As far as I remember, I have managed to get more than 8 LEO for a comment!

Blockchain Examples



Here are some other examples I found in a minute that have earned more with one comment on Leo than with thousands of hours on Facebook or any other corporation-owned social media platform.

Even though it may not be a game-changer for those who live in the first world countries, it's a different kind of story for the people who live in economically damaged countries like Venezuela, Brazil, Nigeria, and various others across the whole world.

Earning money by spending your time online has never been as available as it is now. More and more personal stories are coming out.

Here are some stories from the chain that could get you pretty emotional:

Not Just That

It has never been easier to start earning from your online blog. Plus, you don't have to publish articles if you don't want to. You can be a part of the community by reading, commenting, and giving your personal opinion, and I promise you, you'll be rewarded.

Even if the rewards seem small right now, it depends on your financial situation. Remember that LEO price has no limit! One LEO earned right now could be worth much more in the future! Replacing the habit of browsing Leo instead of Facebook and Twitter has been one of the best decisions of my life!


We all know that working together is much more productive than working alone. The same goes for the crypto movement. When a project supports another one, they are reaching a broader audience! Many of us saw how the Leo community fell in love with Thorchain and RUNE coin. It was and is still a beautiful sight to behold.

With this idea in mind, I have introduced many of you to Torum. It's a place where all crypto enthusiasts, content creators, and blockchain projects can come together. In addition to the beautiful UI of Torum, you are also earning rewards by engaging with others. We also have Leo clan there for all LeoFinance users to join up.


To end this article on an inspirational note, I want to remind you that:

You can do anything you set your mind to! If you want to earn money online, there's no better starting place than LeoFinance! Use the opportunity and learn in the process!

I have never been a blogger or a writer but I love the feeling of creating something out of nothing. It was hard at the beginning but as time passed, it got easier and my quality improved. All it takes is consistency - showing up every day to work on the thing you love is a must!

Thank you for reading, until we meet again!


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Great blog buddy! I hope people can realise that they can indeed make money online and stack some cryptos before it's too late. Sometimes people looking at me like I am crazy when I tell them that I do not work and earn my money from crypto trading/blogging.

Everyone is so into FACEBOOK, IG and shit and they refuse to open their eyes and spend some time on other platforms.

P.S Love the tag "LEOBOI" Hahaha!

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Thank you, man! I really appreciate it!

Yeah, these people are crazy! We gotta show them the way by our own examples!


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I loved rus GIF. What programs do you use?
Your blog, is well detailed, you have many reasons, there are many people who publish on faceboock for a simple LIkes. If a long time ago to have a blog you had to pay. Now it pays you to publish.

Thank you for taking me as an example. Grateful. I have had a lot of effort to be where I am. But since I arrived in Leofinance a few days ago, I feel at home.

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Thanks! I used to create the gif.

You really deserve to be a great example!

Have a lovely day!

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I have never been a blogger or a writer but I love the feeling of creating something out of nothing.

I think you write nicely and I overall enjoyed the post.

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Thank you! I appreciate it!

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Thanks for the mention, I really do appreciate. Indeed, using our time on social media to earn is one common thing that people are embracing now because of our economy and indeed, one does not really need to write content now on LEO to earn, our engagement now pays. So Leofinance isn't only helping those who write content but those who engage on other people's blogs making quality comment.

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It's always a great feeling to mention someone because it may lighten up their day! Thank you for your comment and have a productive week ahead! Right now, Leo is the best place when it comes to earning money online!

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@tipu curate

Thanks for an awesome inspirational post!

As @r1s2g3 said in the comments, you are doing great... And you aren't creating content from nothing... You have invested your time, your experience, and yourself into this post... and that's far away from being nothing... ;)

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Thank you for your kind words! You're probably right, the content comes from hours of reading and exploration online.

Eternally grateful for the curation! Have a great day at #ctp!

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You are doing a great job with your content! Keep on creating! It is my pleasure to pick your awesome posts for ThisIsAwesome highlight!


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