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What does the end-game of cryptocurrency look like. Are alt-coins the sum of all of BITCOIN'S parts? Are alt-coins separated from their prospective desires? Just because you can exchange them from Satoshi's doesn't necessarily mean they work together. The Reality of XRP does not for instance exchange with the values of BTC.

Is all of the power in these blockchains looking for that one peg that distinguishes it from all others? Looking at what LEO has done, has kind of shown me what the original concept of SMT's were. Wrapping LEO in ETH is a brilliant way to expose Ethereum lovers to the power of blogging for crypto rewards.

"Ethereum outreach and onboarding initiative"

Getting ETH from blogging ontop of layer 2 of HIVE blockchain. Well the simple mechanics of exchanging crypto is getting just a little more complex. A to B is now becoming A2.0-B.20 sounds more like it. Hive may become that utility token STEEM seemed to be heading towards. We do have to keep into consideration supply and inflation. Even though HIVE may have inflation; the more onboarding to use the utility of it will raise the price!

If HIVE could only crack into more and more crypto spheres it may have a very bright future as that utility to bridge all other crypto's. I'm starting to really smarten up to just how complex crypto-currency really can be.


I'm going to have to use a crayon since the volume and number of users trading doesn't match the volume that there will be! But I am more confident then ever that once HIVE get's underneath many of these outreach scenario's; we could be in a very different place next year from where we are today!

Who would have thought I'm getting bullish on HIVE? ;)

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The reality is that Hive is a utility token that is going to depend upon the user base growing a great deal. However, when you break down the numbers, if there are 1 million active users of Hive based DApps, not a huge amount in the world of the Internet, that leaves roughly 400 HIVE per person. Obviously not all will be equal but you get the point.

Leofinance is showing what is possible. There will come a day where we will see dozens of projects on Hive all doing similar things. At that point, the number of users could be exploding.

We already saw a couple follow the program: sign up using Metamask, buy some HIVE and power it up, and then buy more HIVE which was converted to Hive.swap and used to purchase LEO.

All of this provides buying pressure for HIVE. Again, if there were even 20,000 people doing that, in small amounts, that would change the trend of HIVE very easily.

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The one thing I have learned about crypto Steem / Hive blog is that ALL of the haters that call it a ponzi and circle etc. etc.. all come back when price goes up. All that is required is that 'utility function' that outreaches to other chains; and the dirt suddenly disappears. The one thing I am proud of is I didn't quit because Hive was low. I posted no matter what the price.. but I think it's time the price shot up because of the 'wrapped' potential.

Thanks Taskmaster for taking my blog seriously ;)

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We will then see the posts about how "lucky" those of us were who could buy LEO or HIVE at such low prices and how it is unfair that we could do that whereas they could not.

It happens every time.

Those who remain consistent and keep posting regardless of what takes place with the pricing on the market tend to keep their accounts growing. Over time, the compounding adds up.

Personally, I am trying to put myself in position so the next bull run means life changing money for me.

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